Daddy Styles?!?

What would happen if harry styles had 2 twin babies when he was 6 because of some scientists inhuman idea?And more importantly what would happen if the world found out.......


2. Awkward Moments...

Jordan POV

"Oh my gosh isnt Harry Styles just sooooo cute and oh my gosh look at his abs! I wish he loved me the way i loved him!" Jade Davey,one of my best friends exclaimed.Jade is one of my best friends from when i was little she is a bit shoeter than me and has medium light brown hair with pink streaks.She is really populour.Unlike me who is a loner :P lol.Anyways this is just one of the many awkward moments where one of my best friends are fangirling and showing me half naked pictures of my dad! like seriously EEEEEW! i know he is 19 but seriously i dont wanna see his abs or hear how'sexy' he is.But the thing is my friends dont know that Harry Styles is my dad!Or that Louis Tomlinson,Liam Payne,Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are like my uncles or older brothers! It is so disgusting to see poctures of them with no shirt on my friends lockers! but i have to act normall and play along so they dont find out. "yeah totally anyway can we discuss another subject other than i dunno half naked people!" i whine "NO THEY ARE NOT JUST ORDINARY PEOPLE THEY ARE ONE DIRECTION!" By this time the whole cafeteria was looking at us like seriously whats going to happen next! " OK im sorry they are not just ordinary people" i reply in a fake nice voice "You should be! Oh i wish harry styles came to this school" Jade ranted on and i just stopped listening when she started talking about his abs again!YUCK!

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