The Rose

My name's Harry Styles and I'm in the biggest boy band in the world One Direction.
Sometimes it gets to much and I just want to be a normal boy. But I would be nothing without Lou, Liam, Niall and Zayn, they're my best friends. If I wasn't in 1D I would work in a Bakery. Anyway soon I'm going to Australia for a concert and I can't wait because I've never been to Australia. I really want to find a special girl on my 2 month trip. After about two days Harry finds a girl and gives her a rose but what happenes whenthey meet again a 1D's concert? (Please commen what you think of this book and read my others xx :)


1. Mr. Grumpy

Harry's POV

Me and the boys had just landed in Australia for our two month tour.  All the girls here came here to see us and it's sooo annoying, not that I don't like my fans it's that they always find us somehow and it's driving me nuts.

"Harry don't just stand there come on we have to go" I heard Liam say

I groaned then followed the boys to the big black limo that was waiting for us. I hope something good happenes this tour. Last tour I went out with a girl then I found out she only went out with me because I'm famous.

Liam's POV

I hope Harry's ok, he's been devestated ever since he found out Melanie only went out with him for the fame. But maybe something good will happen this tour, I hope something good happenes this tour.

Harry's POV

As I sadly walked to the limo and got in I was wondering what would happen if I fell in love this tour.Since I'm the flirt I would definatly  get the girl. I'm Harry Styles of One Direction the biggest boy band in the would I get whatever I want.

"Soo... Hazz what are you planning on doing in your free time?" Zayn asked trying to cheer me up. "Do you want to go to the pub?"

"Zayn it's not working" I said grumpily.

"Fine Mr. Grumpy" He replied.

"ZAYN " Liam yelled.  "you can't cheer Harry up, his hearts been broken only a girl can fix it"

"Fine then lets get him a girl" Zayn yelled.

"Zayn don't get involved with Harry's love life" Liam yelled.

The rest of the ride to the Hotel was silent. I hope my birthday next week will be fun.

As Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn went to check in the hotel I went to the cafe to get a drink.

"One coffee please" I said to the cashier getting out my wallet to pay

"Oh my god your Harry Sty" the cashier said before I cut her off

"Yeah yeah whatever I'm Harry Styles whoopee" I said madly.

''Wow someones Mr. Grumpy today" the cashier said.

Five minutes later I finally got my coffee and I went back to the boys.

"What room?" I asked sipping my coffee

"Um... you and Louis are room 555 and we're in room 554" Liam said.

Then I snatched the room key and walked up to my room then I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep. Finally day one over, I hope tomorrow will be better.


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