Theres A Church

There;s a church in the woods where lot's of people go. To hear the word of God.


1. Theres A Church

There's a small white church

In the woods

Where lots of people go

To hear the word of God


To sing, pray, and think

Children in the choir

Others at play

Yet they know what you say


People come from near and far

You can alway's hear the church bells ring

Hear the singing so clear

Everyone wants to join


With hans's clapping , toes tapping

A good time all around

Always something to say

About your neighbor


In the little white church

You can hear the bird's singing

Happy as can be

As the preacher open's up with a prayer


There is not even a sound

The bird's hush their singing

All listen to the word

From the church in the woods

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