Rebecca has a big sister, though she often feels like the more responsible one.
What happens when Catherine, Rebecca's sister, doesn't come home? Will she be let off or suffer a horrible punishment.


2. The Shoes

The bus stopped and and we got off. When I met some friends we linked arms and walked to our tutor room but when Kat met some friends they stalked of in the other direction (not to their tutor room)!

I worried about her all through tutor time and first lesson, but at break, I saw them lingering by the loo's and I relaxed.

When the end of the day finally came, I met Kat at the bus stop. I asked how her day had been and she mumbled somthing about triple maths.

The bus came 15 minutes late, the bus driver apoligised and we clambered on. It was about 4pm when we got home mum and dad weren't home yet; dad works as a lawyer and mum owns a nursery. I went to get changed into my favourite jeans and David and Goliath top.

I went downstairs to watch T.V, but Kat was standing infront of the stairs. Mum had just called to say her and dad wouldn't be home till late, and she'd said to get some tea from the freezer. Kat was wearing her shortest black mini skirt and a strappy black top. She said we were going to Mcdonalds, I didn't think she was dressed for Mcdonalds, more like a night clubbing! However, I slipped on my trainers, and grabbed some money from my piggy bank. 

When we arrived at Mcdoanlds Kat saw some of her friends and she dragged me over to sit next to them. I had to sit there eating my big mac and fries, while they talked and talked! Finally, Kat's best friend got a call from her mum telling her she had to go home. Kat didn't want to stay after that but said we had to go into town as she needed a new eyeliner from Superdrug. After she got it we started walking home but we passed a new designer shoe shop, which she really wanted to look in. I was really tired (and bored!) so I decided to go home. I got on the bus and sat next to an old lady, who looked harmless enough. She offered me a boiled sweet but I said no; I knew better than that!   

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