Rebecca has a big sister, though she often feels like the more responsible one.
What happens when Catherine, Rebecca's sister, doesn't come home? Will she be let off or suffer a horrible punishment.


6. The room

The next thing I knew I was sitting in a dark room, with grey scratched walls and an old blue carpet, that was wearing away. A police officer, who really looked like he needed some sleep, was sitting on the over side of a desk to me. I could see from his pin badge that his name was Frank, he was tapping away on his computer but I could tell he was keeping an eye on my sister the whole time. Kat was fiddling with her greasy hair, I was staring into my lap (I'm surprised I didn't burn a hole through my jeans), mum was muttering to herself and dad was staring at the time, that seemed as if it was taking an hour for a minute to get round. Gran was sitting in the waiting room with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

"Well" Frank made me jump by talking "What you've done is very serious but we're going to have to look over your case" he said making me nervous "So you can go home for now!"

I could tell we were all amazed and when we told gran tears brimmed in her eyes. The police officers kept reminding us this wasn't the end of it all but none of us could focus.

We all got in the car and I smiled. It felt right all of us sitting there as the car rumbled along the road.

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