Rebecca has a big sister, though she often feels like the more responsible one.
What happens when Catherine, Rebecca's sister, doesn't come home? Will she be let off or suffer a horrible punishment.


1. The 'Normal' Us!

I woke up early that day, and started getting ready for school. Like usual I had a shower and dressed in my smart Restormel secondary school  uniform.

It was half seven by then so I went to wake up Catherine, my sister. She was still snoring heavily, her hair spread across her pillow. I hesitated, wanting to watch her sleep forever. However, I padded over to her bed giving her a shake.

"Go away Bex" she moaned. I nudged her again and she finally rolled out of bed. She slipped out of her short, silk nighty and into her silk black underwear. Then she put on her shirt and tie, the shirt was much too tight but she refused to get a new one. She then slipped on her skirt, making it so short when she bent down I saw the lace on her pants. Finally, she pulled up her socks and slipped on her blazer.

"You go down Bex, I have to do my hair and make-up and I'm fed up with you gawping at me like that!" she said. I was a bit sad, I loved watching her put a white layer of paint over her face, and the black mascara, eyeliner and lipstick! Catherine had curly hair like mine, however her's was dyed dark purple and she straightened it every day.

I went downstairs obediently. My hair is ginger and I hate it; my dad calls me his little carrot, I hate that more! 

Downstairs, mum and dad were sitting at the table. They ignored me when I came in so I got my cereal and sat down. They didn't say a word still so the only sound was coming from me as I ate my cereal.

Kat came into the room and mum and dad made me jump by shouting at her...something about taking the micky out of a teacher about his lisp!

It was 8 o'clock so we had to go, we grabbed our bags and left, Kat slaming the door hard as we left. I hate it when they fight. We get the bus to school and it takes twenty minutes to get there. I quite like school, I have lots of friends and the lessons are ok. I'm in year eight and Kat is in year 11. She hates school, she's got a few friends, but they're always in detention and getting told off.

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