Rebecca has a big sister, though she often feels like the more responsible one.
What happens when Catherine, Rebecca's sister, doesn't come home? Will she be let off or suffer a horrible punishment.


5. Kat's Story

The shoe shop had been too tempting. The dangerous red stelotes were too perfect. And too expensive. Kat had started to walk away, she was too late to catch a bus and she had seen an alley way which would get her home quicker. Kat had started to walk down the damp alley when she noticed the shop window was open a crack. Pushing the window hard she'd slid in and that was when the ear piercing alarm had started to to ring.

Kat had explaned it all in the police station. She looked tired; she had her hair in a greasy pony tail, black mascara and eyeliner running down her cheeks and dark circles under her eyes. A police women guided me and Kat into a cold room with big green armchairs. We sat down and I asked the simple question, 

"Why?". I saw the look of terror on her face and as the tears streamed down her cheeks, my eyes started to prick. We we're both crying and we must have looked a state but for once, Kat didn't care. I wrapped my arms around her.

"I know I shouldn't have done it" Kat said shakily "I couldn't help it: I'm sure it wasn't me who did that awful thing." 

About 10 minutes later mum and dad came into the room with an upset look on their faces. That's when I started to think could this all be my fault? I should've waited for her, I should have noticed the shop was closed! 


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