Rebecca has a big sister, though she often feels like the more responsible one.
What happens when Catherine, Rebecca's sister, doesn't come home? Will she be let off or suffer a horrible punishment.


7. Home Sweet Home...

When we finally got home, Kat went up stairs to have a shower and get changed so I decided to send my best friend, Jodie, a text.

Hey Jode, soz i havn't bn txtn u... Kat has gt herslf in big trble. Dn't wanna txt u bout wht hppend but i'll ring u l8er. tlk soon Xx :( 

I put my phone on my bedside table and went downstairs. Mum was making us all some tea even though we'd all already had about five buckets full at the police station!

Later that night we we're all sitting around the kitchen table, eating spaghetti, no one was talking.

Suddenly, the familiar, cheery sound of the land phone ringing was filling our ears. I went to it and answered the phone, placing it to my ear very slowly as I was worried it would be the police station. However, when I answered the phone with a shaky 'Hello', Jodie answered with a worried voice.

I was on the phone to her for a good half an hour, I didn't care if my tea was getting cold. I just needed a friend to talk to about all the drama that had been going on. By the time we'd finished, I was feeling quite tired so i went to bed. My face stained with tears.




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