What happens when you meet Zayn Malik and he takes a liking in you.What happens when you have a boyfriend who is just too sweet.What happens when they both meet?Jealousy happens


3. The Present


Our moms had gotten us one direction tickets and backstage passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Which means one of my dreams is coming true!'Thank you sooooo much mom'"No problem"The concert is tomorrow Emily we have to go see what were gonna wear lets go'.we ran to my bedroom and rummeged through my stuff i decided to wear a purple lace top and white shorts and to straighten my hair. we ran to Emilys house which is just down the road.We qiuckly say thank you and hug Emilys mom and then run upstairs.we rummeged through Emilys stuff and she decided to wear sky blue ripped skinny jeans with a i love one direction top that was white.and then i had to go so i said my goodbyes and left.As i was walking back i bumped into someone i looked up to see who it was and to my suprise it was the new guy christopher. He had brown shaggy hair brown eyes and was tanned.'Im sooooo sorry'said christopher.'its ok hey dont you go to my school your that new guy that has the same math as me right.'"yup thats me oh and im just asking do you want to be friends?'"yes of course how bout we go somwere to get to know each other."'ya that woulkd be great how about on friday at 5;00pm.""ya sure works for me hey give me your number ill send you the deets ok.""ya ok ill be waiting and ill bring my best friend Emily bye ill see you soon."CHRISTOPHERS P.O.V   She is so pretty i just acnt wait itll friday.i really want to ask her out but im too scared and anyways i dont even know her yet maybe ill just wait. (A\N Hey guys sorry for the short chapters i just ahve no time to wright anyways ill try to make time bye)

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