What happens when you meet Zayn Malik and he takes a liking in you.What happens when you have a boyfriend who is just too sweet.What happens when they both meet?Jealousy happens


8. The date


Finally its time for the date i wonder were hes taking me.Then i heard a knock at the door so i went to go get it and there was Christopher in a nice black and white suit."Hi Christopher may i ask can i call you Chris?"i asked.He just stood there with his mouth open not saying anything so i thought id do something to make him speak.I leaned  in and whispered in his ear"babe your staring just take a picture it lasts longer beleive me"Then he stutered out" um you look beautiful uh we should go now.


I made a fool of myself by stuttering and staring then she gave me shivers down my back when she whispered to me.I opened the door for her then i got in my seat aswell.I started driving and during the drive we were just talking to each other about ourselves.We finally got were we were supposed to be i decided to bring her to a boat and on the deck theres a candilit dinner.I hope she likes it.


For the date it was a candle lit dinner on a boat it was so romantic."Chris this is so beautiful thanks"i said"no problem oh and by the way i really like you"he said wait woah woah woah he likes me gosh i think i might like him too"Well Chris i like you too"wow i said that felt so good"thats good so now we should go eat"he said\"yup we should.-skip eating-After we were done eating Chris got up and asked me to dance and of course i said yes..So we started to dance then he dipped me and he brought me back up and our faces were only a few inches apart then he started to slowly lean in then i closed the gap between us with my lips and we kissed it was a soft passionet kiss.Then we pulled away and just looked at each other then he broke the silence by saying "will you be my girlfriend?"then i answered.....

A\N Hey guys cliffhanger lol i have a question can you guys please read my other movellas its called one extrodinary day thanks my peeps!!!

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