What happens when you meet Zayn Malik and he takes a liking in you.What happens when you have a boyfriend who is just too sweet.What happens when they both meet?Jealousy happens


4. The Concert

VIOLAS P.O.V.   BEEP!BEEP!BEEP! 'Im up im up.'OMG OMG OMG TODAY IS THE CONCERT AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!'i cant beleive today is the day i get to meet one direction i better go call Emily and she if shes awake.IVE TRIED PLAYING IT COOL BU-Hey sista wuts up?'"hey i was just checking to see if your awake cause you know todays the day we get to meet one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'ya no problems im awake hey how bout i come to your house to get ready?'ya sure come over.So i headed over to Emilys house with all my clothes and everything else i need.DING DONG 'hey lets go get ready its a 2 hour drive so we better get moving.'"ya lets go get ready."so we went up to Emilys room to get ready after we were finally done getting ready we started driiving to the concert in vancouver.we were listening to the radio and then our favorite song came on rack city.'rack city chick rack rack city chick 10 10 20s and the 50s chick"you were probably expecting something from one direction anyways."ok we are finally here lets go theres no time to waist."when we got to the concert my phone started buzzing it was atext message from Christopher it said:

christopher:hey were r u?

viola:im at the one direction concert why?

christopher:oh nothing i just wanted to no

viola:hey can we talk later plz i dnt wanna mis anytin kk byez


one direction played a few songs like what makes you beautiful,one thing,gotta be you and up all night.after they were done we went backstage i couldnt wait."omg Emily were gonna meet one direction how do i look?"'you look fine now lets go."

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