What happens when you meet Zayn Malik and he takes a liking in you.What happens when you have a boyfriend who is just too sweet.What happens when they both meet?Jealousy happens


9. My answer


I said "of course chris i will be your girlfriend"then we shared a long passionet kiss."Hey babe ive gotta get home drop me please?"i asked hoping hed say yes"of course baby lets go"so we started to walk back to his car he opened the door for me and i got in.


Chris opened the door for me and offered me his hand i accepted it and got out.We reached my front door and i said"by Chris hope to see you soon"

"you too babe bye"then he leaned in and kissed me of course i kissed back.Then i went insideand checked my phone for any text messages and found one from Zayn it said.


Z:hey viola can i ask were you went?  i replied with

V:ya sure i went out on a date with my new boyfriend!!! few seconds later he replied with

Z:oh um ok can we meet him soon?

V:ya of course but rite now i gtg take a shower bi



I was boiling up with anger jealousy and sadness inside.I never new i was so jealous untill i accedently puched the wall and left a bigg mark in it.I actually liked Viola and yet she dosnt feel the same way.I mean why would she anyway a beautiful girl like her with some fugly(F****N UGLY) freak like me?Ugg i dont no why im so stupid grrr...

(sorry my peeps for not updating and short chapter just got a lot of school and hw it suck)

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