What happens when you meet Zayn Malik and he takes a liking in you.What happens when you have a boyfriend who is just too sweet.What happens when they both meet?Jealousy happens


5. Meeting One Direction


So we headed over to were one direction was oh and by the way my favorite is zayn and Emilys favorite is liam.We were last in line to talk to them but thats alright then maybe we could talk to them a bit more.I noticed that zayn glanced up to me it was pretty cool.And them liam glanced up to Emily then of course you know what she did she screamed lol.


I glanced upto see how many more fans there were and then i saw a girl she was really pretty and so were the other fans but she wasnt crying or anything so i considered her different.i really want to get to know her a bit more.oh and different in a good way she just smiled when i glanced up to her.i hope i get to see her soon.


I noticed that zayn had glanced up so i thought i would see what he was looking at then i saw her.she was sooo pretty on the outside but what if her personality is ugly.anyways i want to get her number but she was last in line so then i let out a big sigh.everyone heard and turned to look at me 'oh ill tell you guys later ok we got alot more fans ahead of us'they all said ok.


We went back to the line and then we finally were in the front.'Hi you guys how are you'i said.'good and how bout you two beautiful girls'said harry.we both blushed slightly so that they wouldnt see but we were blushing tomato red in the inside.'im fine'said Emily 'im pretty good'i said.'can i have your number'asked zayn and i imedietly said of course.'oh ya and that reminds me Emily rite well i wanted to ask you a question love.''said liam.''Ya sure what is it?'Do you want to go out to get some coffe or somthing?'"OMG OF COURSE I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'Emily shouted Liam just laughed then we had to go because we were only allowed to be with them for a certain time which was 15 mins."i just cant beleive that zayn malik has my number what if he txts me or maybe calls me or somthing?""and i cant believe that liam payne asked me out!!!!!!!!"

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