What happens when you meet Zayn Malik and he takes a liking in you.What happens when you have a boyfriend who is just too sweet.What happens when they both meet?Jealousy happens


11. Meet my boyfriend



I am so bored right now what shall i do what shall i do?i questioned myself.Ooooo i know ill ask Zayn if he wants to meet Chris ill call right now.




V:hey Zayn i was wondering.....

Z:yes go on

V:if you wanted to meet Chris?

Z:who's Chris?he asked

V:hes my lovely new boyfriend

Z:umm... ya sure why not

V:kay bye Zayn

Z:bye love



Oh shit!(mind my language)i forgot to ask Chris if he was free.Ill just text him right now.



V:hey babe

C:hi beautiful

V:i waz wondering if u wer free 2nite?

C:ya babe wuts up u wanna go out somwer or.....wut?

V:no wanted u 2 meet 1 of my guy frnz u up for it?

C:ya sure any frnd of urs iz a frnd of mne

V:thnx love ur awesome

C:ik lol so wut tme should i come over?

V:just be at my house at 7:00 kk

C:ya ill be der byeee love<3




Ive gotta get ready now wut to wear?ahhh perfect.So i got up and took a shower blow dryed my hair and i decided to leave my hair curly today.I decided to wear my white skinny jeans and white tank top with a plaid shirt with the buttons open.For my makeup i decided to just put eyeliner under and over my eyes some chapstick and a little bit of blush.Perfect now i just have to wait for Chris.BEEP BEEP I heard i looked outsside my window and saw Chris's car pull up on my driveway.I went downstairs and put my black and white pumas on and grabbed my keys and phone.With that i was out my door,i locked my house door and walked outside and got into Chris's car.


"Hello love you look rather beautiful today just like any other day"Chris complimented which made me blush."Well fine sir you don't look so bad your self."i said back with a wierd accent added to it.We both bursted out laughing."Hey babe before we go can i get something?"he asked"ya sure what is it?"i asked"this"he then lifted my face up with his large hands to make me face him.Then he pushed a strand of my hair out of my face.Then left his hand on my cheek then leaned down and brushed our lips together.I couldnt take it anymore so i filled the gap bwtween our lips and kissed him.


It was like no other kiss before it had so much passion fireworks exploded everywere.It was amazing , i really didn't want it to end but when we needed air we both pulled away and smiled at each other."your so beautiful to me"he said.I blushed and looked down"don't hide your face"he said i looked up and then he started his car up and started driving while i told him the directions.We finally got to Zayns apartment more like penthouse and we walked up the stairs holding hands we got to the door and i knocked.Zayn opened the door "hey buddy"i said in a cheery voice"hi!"he said with the same voice


"Zayn this is Chris , Chris this is Za-"i was interupted by a girl coming over here and kissing Zayn i never knew Zayn had a girlfriend.......


A\N Sorry my peeps youve been waiting soo long i tried to make this chapter longer than all my other ones hope you liked it.

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