What happens when you meet Zayn Malik and he takes a liking in you.What happens when you have a boyfriend who is just too sweet.What happens when they both meet?Jealousy happens


2. Late Again

VIOLAS P.O.V  We finally got to school we were late again.'Late again Ms.Micheals and Ms.brown'.Ya sorry Mr.Craille i was la-'.'No sorrys just take your seats please and thank you,but i am gonna have to write a note to your parents'.I looked down i knew this was gonna happen anyways i just took my seat and sat down.When english was finally over i had to go to math. When i finally got there i saw two new students.There was one girl and one boy.i quickly went to my seat and sat down.Ms.Bazel came in she saw the new students emidietly(A\N Hey guys im not gonna be spelling correctly at times i thouught i would let you know).'Well look we have two new student can you guys please come to the front of the class and intorduce yourselves'.So they made their way up to the front of the class.'Hi my name is Christopher Phillips'said the boy.'Hi my name is  Gwenn Carrierer'said the girl shyly.hmmmm... maybe i should try to make friends with them.No i dont think so im way too shy.After school me and Emily went to my house to hang out.'HEY GUYS!!!!!!'my mom shoted excitedly.'Mom whhats so exiting?i asked.'Ok so you know how your guys birthday is tomorrow right'.'Ya.'"well me and Emilys mom already got you a present and we decided to give you it today so here you go'she handed us pieces of papers and something else.'AHHHHHHHHHH' we both sqealwd together.

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