Best Friends forever?

Emily has been friends with Dillon and Harry her whole life. When she finds out both of her best friends have fallen in love with her. Who will she chose?


6. Why me?

 Emily's pov:

 I woke up from my nap and I had nothing to do so I decided to go take a shower. I turned the water on and I heard the front door open I thought I was just hearing things so I undressed myself and got in the shower. After a minute I felt two arms grab me I tried to yell but, I couldn't. After a moment I realized it was Dillon I tried to get away from his grasp but, it was no use he was to strong for me. "Shut up and stop moving" he said in a rude tone. He started Kissing me and then he raped me. At that moment I just wanted to die.I finally had the chance to yell I screamed at the top of my lungs. "What the fuck! You little bitch why did you yell!" I started crying as he started to punch and kick me. I herd my bedroom door open and saw my neighbor Cher rushing in. Cher is a really nice girl she goes to my school I've known her since 3rd grade whenever I was alone and I needed to talk to a girl I would always go to her she gave really good advice. When Dillon saw her he pushed me and ran out my house and Cher ran up to me. "Oh My God Emily"  I couldn't say anything I was beat up and choking on my tears. She helped me up and took me to her house. "What happened?!?" she asked me with a worried look on his face. After Harry left I didn't really talk to her anymore so I decided what happened the past few weeks. "Ok so let me start from the beginning. On Harry's and my birthday Dillon took me out somewhere and he said he wanted to show me something we were at some park and there was a big box and when I opened it harry was in it I was so happy to see him and then before dinner harry described this girl he liked to me and then he told me it was me and when he was describing the girl I got jealous and I wasn't sure of my feelings for him and then later at dinner when I was waiting for everyone to arrive Dillon told me he loved me and it made me cry that my two best friends loved me. When Harry left for tour I was so sad he had to go back and Dillon convinced me that I should go out with him and not Harry. So on the day he asked me out I went to his house we watched a movie ant then we did you know what. After that two weeks later he invited me out for dinner and then we went to his house and we started kissing but then he wanted sex and I said no but he kept on insisting until he slapped me and called me a bitch and he told me not to tell anyone especially Harry. Today when I went into my shower he came in my house and he raped me and when I yelled he started to punch and kick me and then you came and here we are now." I could tell that by the expression on her face she felt sorry for me and she wanted to help me."Emily I'm...."  before she could finish I ran to her bathroom and threw up "Emily are you ok" she looked at me with a worried face  "Yeah I'm..." and then I threw up again "Emily are you... pregnant?"   no or at least I don't think I am... wait what day is it?  "I don't know? what day is it today?"  "It's the first of march" oh no this isn't happening "Oh no Emily" I was speechless I can't be pregnant with that jerks baby. "Em lets make sure first"  "ok" was all i could say She drove me to the drug store and we got two pregnancy tests. When we got back to her house i peed on the tests and we waited for three minutes those were the longest three minutes of my life. Finally the three minutes were up. I couldn't believe the results they were both positive. "Oh My God1 this can't be happening to me. I can't be pregnant. No I can't be pregnant why me? What am I going to tell Harry and what will Dillon do when he finds out"

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