Best Friends forever?

Emily has been friends with Dillon and Harry her whole life. When she finds out both of her best friends have fallen in love with her. Who will she chose?


8. What IF

Emily's pov:

While I slept I thought about what I would tell Harry I knew it would be hard but I had to tell him i mean I love him and he's my best friend I can't keep secrets from him. But, I couldnt call him that would be too hard for me so i decided to text him.


Me:hey Harry

Harry:hey whats up

Me:well I have something to tell you and you can't tell anyone. Promise?

Harry:ok I promise I won;t tell anyone. So what were you going to tell me?

Me:well I...I'm pregnant(please don't tell Dillon)



What did he mean by congrats? Was he mad I feel horrible I bet I hurt him.

Harry's pov:

I got a text from Emily and I rushed to my phone.

Emily:hey Harry

Me:hey what's up

Emily:well I have something important to tell you and you can't tell anyone. Promise?

I felt good about myself. She trusted me./

Me:ok I promise I won't tell anyone. So what were you going to tell me?

Emily:I...I'm pregnant(please don't tell Dillon)

At that moment my heart shattered into a million pieces I can't believe she's pregnant with Dillon's child and what did she mean by don't tell Dillon?


I didn't know how to respond to her last text all I could think of was that she is getting further and further from being mine but, I will always love her. i remember when I first fell for her

*flashback (seventh grade)*

"Hey Harry can you help me put this up on the shelf"  "Sure Em"  "OK just hold this stool for me and I'll put the book back on the shelf" I held the stool as she put the book back on the high shelf. The stool was very shaky and unstable. Then Emily was having a hard time staying still on the stool. Then she fell off the stool and luckily I was there. She fell into my arms and I stared into her beautiful blue eyes her hair perfectly flowing around her face and her lips so kissable. I couldn't believe I was falling for my best friend I mean I've known her since forever but the way her eyes just stare into your soul. She's just so perfect. I know someday she'll be mine and we'll be together forever and always.

*End Flashback*

All I had on my mind was Emily and I just began to cry. Everything was going wrong Dillon was ruining everything and after all of these years I thought we were friends no not friends best friends. I just need to stop crying before anyone sees me... oh crap Louis saw me.

"Whats wrong Harry?"  "She's pregnant"  Louis and the boys knew who "she" was ever since the tour she has been all I've talked and thought about. "I I I'm sorry Harry"  "you know when she told me she made me promise not to tell anyone. She also specifically told me not to tell Dillon. Why doesn't she want him to know"  "Wait are you serious?"  "yes, I am look" I handed him my phone and there was a smirk on his face. "I think she still has feelings for you, I mean why would she want you to know and not the baby's father."  I started to think what if she still had feelings for me, just what if.

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