Best Friends forever?

Emily has been friends with Dillon and Harry her whole life. When she finds out both of her best friends have fallen in love with her. Who will she chose?


9. Owch

Emily's pov:

Now that I told Harry i knew I had to tell my parents. This wasn't going to be easy.

Me:hey mom I need to tell you something

Mom:sure honey you know you can tell me anything

Me:ok so I umm I'm pregnant.. with Dillon's baby

Mom:honey congrats oh and don't forget to pack your bags and move out of my house kay bye

Me:but, where will I go?

Mom: i don't know and i don't care

Well that was harsh I can't believe my mom just said that without a care in the world. I saw Cher standing by the door watching me, she saw how upset I looked and sat next to me on her bed."So did you tell Harry and your Parents?"  "Yeah I think Harry probably hates me and my mom kicked me out of the house" I said trying not to choke on my tears. She came closer to me and gave me a tight hug. "Emily you can stay with me for as long as you want." "Thank you you're the best Cher"  "no problem, your like the sister i never had and i love you" "love you too, sister"



Cher and I moved out and we didn't tell anyone not my parents nor Harry. I didn't want Harry to know where I was, I was just so afraid to talk to him or even see him. I erased him from my contact list the week I told him I was pregnant and after that we moved to Doncaster, I am two months pregnant and I' not showing yet. Harry already came home from tour and I'm glad I haven't seen him.

Harry's pov: 

Right when I got home from tour I went straight to Emily's house. Her Mom opened the door "Hello Mrs.Halden is Emily home?"  "No I'm sorry Emily no longer lives here, sorry" and she shut the door hmm how nice. I ran tio Cher's house which was right next door and no one lived there. Great I thought. The last person I went to was Dillon, although I shouldn't of gone.  "Dillon where is she?"  "Where's who?"  "Emily, where's Emily?!?"  "Oh that bi*ch"  "she is not a bit*h" I yelled "Wow calm your nipples, I don't know where she is although she probably left."  "No shit, Did you know she was pregnant?"  "Pregnant? What a slut"  "She is not a slut!"  "then why is she pregnant Harry huh?" "Cuz you fucked her you a*s hole" "Hey, how could I not she's really good in bed to bad she's annoying and in love with you" that's it I couldn't take it anymore I made a fist and punched him in the face. He fell and got right back up and next thing you know I woke up in a hospital bed and all of the boys and Paul were there. then Louis said "What the f*ck are you crazy you could of gotten killed!"  "he called her a bit*h and a slut"  "you could of just walked out" Niall yelled, this made me feel horrible "I'm sorry I just couldn't stand him anymore I mean I thought we were friends and he was insulting the one girl I love and you guys are right I should of just left."  "Your just lucky he didn't kill you. Did you know he had a gun?" Zayn said. "What?!?!" I was shocked "You got lucky the neighbors heard everything and called the police."Liam said  "Wait where is he?" I asked "he's in some other room in the hospital, you hurt him pretty bad you know." Paul told me, it made me feel good that I hurt him I mean he deserved it. The doctor said I could leave in a couple of hours and apparently I've been here for a day. When I got out Paul told us we had an interview to go to ao we all got in the car and left to the studio to be interviewed. I wanted to go to that interview so bad maybe she would see it and I would find her 


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