Best Friends forever?

Emily has been friends with Dillon and Harry her whole life. When she finds out both of her best friends have fallen in love with her. Who will she chose?


7. Huh, Guess I'm screwed

Emily's pov:

 What am I going to do i cant believe i'm pregnant, I I can't tell Dillon he'll kill me and I cant tell Harry I mean I love him and he'll hate me for being pregnant with Dillon's child. "Emily when are your parents coming back?"  "Cher I honestly don't know they said they would be home in a week but I doubt they will"  "Em you know I love you and you are an amazing friend and I don't want you to get hurt especially now that your pregnant so would you please stay here with me Em?"  "Sure I'm glad that I have someone I can trust."  Cher is so nice I love her. "Cher what am I going to do?"  I didn't have to say anything else she knew what I was talking about  "I really don't care if you don't tell Dillon but you have to tell Harry if you truly love him and  you have to tell him what has been going on since he left."  "Your right, I just need some time to think about what I'm going to say to him and what will my parents do when they find out?"  "I really really don't know what they will do but, I bet they'll be understanding"   "Yeah I i hope "  I had a feeling my parents weren't going to be too happy and I can;t tell them what has happened they won't believe me I mean they'll only believe anything Dillon says. When we were younger I would try to lie to my parents but they wouldn't believe me so I would call Dillon and Harry and they would believe them. My parents never really believed anything I say.  All I can think now is i'm screwed. And with that Cher sent me to her room and told me to sleep while she got my things. While I slept I thought of  how didn't I know who Dillon really was and why was I so stupid to choose him. I also thought about Harry his beautiful green orbs that sparkled in the sun and his flawless brown curls and his smile it just makes me melt. And I thought about what my parents might do when they find out I'm pregnant. Another thing I thought about was my baby in a way I was really happy I was pregnant but I wasn't at the same time. Hopefully everything will get better soon.


A/N: Sorry for the short and boring chapter I'm having writers block so if you have any ideas for future chapters comment bellow and thank you for reading.  

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