Best Friends forever?

Emily has been friends with Dillon and Harry her whole life. When she finds out both of her best friends have fallen in love with her. Who will she chose?


11. Found You

Cher's pov:

I texted Emily to tell her I was gong to stay with Eleanor because her boyfriend and his band were coming home from tour so she wanted to have a party. After an hour of helping her set up we heard a car pull up and a knock on the door. Eleanor opened the door and a boy with brownish hair and blue eyes ran up to her. It took me a minute to realize that her boyfriend was Louis Tomlinson and he's in Harry's band. "please don't be here, please don;t be here, please don't be.." "Cher?" and he's here "umm Hi Harry"  "oh my gosh it really is you. Do you know where Emily is? I want to see her I have been looking for her since i got off the plane but she wasn't at her house and you had moved and she wouldn't answer my calls or texts. Please Cher tell me you know where she is your my last hope please, I need her. She's my everything and I can't live without her. I love her." as much as I wanted to tell him that I didn't know where she was I knew I had to. I mean I know how much she loves him and he loves her. They're perfect for each other. "Yes, i know where she is we live together" Then Eleanor came up to us and said "so you've met before huh" with a smirk on her face and I burst out laughing "Yeah we've met but were just friends Emily likes Harry" "mhmm"  then Harry said"Yeah Cher you know you love all of this" "Shut up, lets go" We told everyone we were leaving and we went out to my car. I really didn't want to leave I wanted to stay and talk to Niall he seems Like a really nice boy and he ain't bad looking. When we finally got home I told Harry that I would leave him and I would go back cuz I really wanted to go back.

Harry's pov:

I can't believe I saw Cher. I could tell Niall likes her because when we walked in he was just staring at her and when I started talking to her and when we left he seemed jealous. I think she likes him too. I got out of Cher's car and walked up to the door and rang the door bell a minute later Emily opened the door and she had a shocked look on her face "Hhharrry..." she stuttered "Hey gorgeous" I said with a smile on my face. She ran up to me and we hugged for what seemed like an eternity. "Em, I've missed you soo much and I just want you to know that even if your pregnant with Dillon's baby it won't change how i feel about you." "Harry I'm soo sorry" "For what?" i asked  "For dating Dillon, for having sex with Dillon, for leaving and not telling you, and most importantly for ignoring the one person I truly love, you"  "Em, it ok it wasn't all your fault and I totally understand why you ignored me" "I saw your interview today"  "Really, you did?!?"  "Yeah it was really sweet and I don't know why I was so stupid to realize that the one person I love and want to spend the rest of my life with has been right in front of me the whole time"   "I love you Emily"  "I love you too Harry" Then we kissed and it was perfect.

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