Best Friends forever?

Emily has been friends with Dillon and Harry her whole life. When she finds out both of her best friends have fallen in love with her. Who will she chose?


4. Bye

The rest of the day seemed pretty awkward we still did everything we used to do on our birthday but I couldn't stop thinking that my two best friends LOVED me.

Next Day:

Harry was leaving today I felt so sad I didn't want him to leave I just wanted him to stay and be friends with him and Dillon and just forget about what they told me. "Bye Harry" I said as I hugged him there were tears filling my eyes he saw the tears in my eyes and smiled I couldn't help but smile, when he smiles it just makes me melt. "Bye Emily" I finally let go  "Bye Harry" Dillon said  "Umm bye Dillon" they hugged and he left. I was crying i didn't want to be alone with Dillon but, then I kind of did.  "Emily I'm sorry but, I had to tell you that I loved you and I know Harry told you he loved you too but, If he really loved you he would of stayed here with you he wouldn't of left you right after he told you how he feels about you. That's why I'm still here because I truly do love you"  I started thinking and I guess he was right if Harry did really love me he would of still been here.  "Dillon i guess you're right" he smiled and he took my hand and walked me to his car.


Two weeks Later:

Dillon and I were becoming closer and closer. Today was the day Harry was coming back but, I didn't want to see him he left me and I liked Dillon now. "Emily, I know I've told you this before but, you know I love you and will you be my girlfriend?"  A smile grew on my face "Yes, Dillon I'll be your girlfriend" I felt soo happy at that moment. I heard my phone buzz Harry texted me

Harry: Hey Em

Me: Hey Harry

Harry: How are you

Me :Great are you coming home today

Harry:Well umm that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm not coming home until next month

Me:What?! Really?!?

Harry: Yeah I'm sorry. I'll miss you

I know I'm with Dillon now but, I suddenly wanted Harry to come back. I couldn't keep on txting him so I put my phone away and went to Dillon's house. We decided to watch a movie so we watched "Act of Valor" I loved that movie. We cuddled on his couch and when the movie finished he carried me upstairs into his bedroom and he put me on his bed. We started to make out on his bed and  he began to undress me and I did the same to him we eventually  began to "Have Fun" if you know what i mean. We fell asleep on his bed.

Dillon's pov:

Emily told me Harry wouldn't be back until next month so I asked her to be my girlfriend we went to my house and we watched a movie then we had sex she was really good in bed. I had to do whatever I could to get Emily to be mine and only mine I didn't want Harry to have her. I never really liked Harry he was always better than me and he always got all of the girls so i had to get the one girl he truly loves Emily. I didn't actually like Emily but, if it hurts Harry then I will even if I have to pretend.

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