Best Friends forever?

Emily has been friends with Dillon and Harry her whole life. When she finds out both of her best friends have fallen in love with her. Who will she chose?


3. Awkward

The walk back to my house was silent and awkward. i couldn't believe Harry liked me I felt bad because I'm not sure how I feel about him. We finally got home "I'll see u later at dinner Emily"  "Bye harry see  you later" When He said bye I could see hurt in his eyes. About half an hour later my parents came downstairs and we left to the restaurant Dillon was the only one there so we started talking and then it got kind of weird. "Emily? What would you do if I liked you?"  that reminded me of earlier with Harry  "Umm I'm not sure what I would do I guess I would be shocked why do you ask?"   "Well.... Ummm .... I do like you but, not as a friend as more than a friend" My eyes started to get watery and I couldn't keep my emotions in anymore so I began to cry and I left outside I felt someone grab my hand so I turned around, it was Harry I couldn't help but run into his arms. "Its ok Emily you'll be fine. What happened? Who made you cry? Do you want to talk?" I shook my head yes. So we walked to a nearby park and sat on a bench. It was silent for a moment and then Harry said "What happened why are you crying?"   "I don't know ....Its just that... well you told me that you liked me and I could tell you really liked me and I can't believe you really think all of those nice things you said about me, then ......... then Dillon told me he liked me too and he said he wanted to be more than friends and I I I just cant believe that my two best friends Love me and Its just that I don't know how I feel about both of you"   "I'm sorry Emily, I never should of told you how I felt and If I didn't tell you then you wouldn't of been crying. I'm sorry this is all my fault."  "No Harry this isn't your fault and you shouldn't be sorry I'm glad you told me how you felt"  I hugged him I always loved to hug Harry His Hugs were always so warm and comforting. We stopped hugging and his face was just inches apart from mine, when he kissed me his kiss was so magical i never wanted it to end and at that point i knew I felt the same way about him.

Sorry its short.

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