Until We Meet Again

Taylor and Harry have been dating for a year but what happens when her and Louis start having feelings for each other, will their relationship last or will her and Louis fal in love....... read to find out............First book to the Until We Meet Again series.


5. Ok We Can

Harrys POV:



What did i just do, Louis was right i left her in her most time of need. I just took  a U-Turn and went back. When i walked in she was watching TV and didnt notice i was there. "Love can we talk??" "AHHH Oh Gosh Harold you scared me, but sure whatever!!" . I walk over and sit by her. "Love um im sorry but i just wanted to ask you, why did you kiss Louis?" "Harry it ment nothing we were just talking and it happended, im really sorry!!" "Taylor no im sorry i just left you!! I should be sorry but-" All of a sudden i felt Taylors pretty lips on mine!



Shes so pretty and swea, of course i kissed back but we had to b interupted by Louis. "IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TAYLOR??" He just screamed, not a mad scream, a whats going on here scream. "Yes me and Harry are back together well friends atleast." "We are just friends now but who knows, Louis can i talk to you!" "Ya sure!" We walk on the front pourch and sit down. "So what exactly happened 3 months ago??" "Well Harry i dont remember like at all!!" "Ok well i called the doctors office and asked for ultrasound and that and they are mailing me some of the pictures!!" "Harry you you called them, i thought yo didnt want to see the baby or me well obviosly not me but the baby!!" Taylor scared me, she just apeared right there!!! "Oh well i wanted to see the ultrasound still!!" "Harry I love you, i honestly do!!" I look to see Louis a tear running down his face, then he just ran inside!!!

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