Until We Meet Again

Taylor and Harry have been dating for a year but what happens when her and Louis start having feelings for each other, will their relationship last or will her and Louis fal in love....... read to find out............First book to the Until We Meet Again series.


3. Louis its your!

Taylors POV:


I wish i could have told him the truth but what was i suppose to do, i dont know if its Harrys or Louis baby. 3 months ago me and Harry did it well so did me and Louis so i asked the doctor and he hasnt callied yet.


"What way that about Tay??" "HARRY I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!" "Sorry i just want to kno......" "HARRY......please!" i run inside to my room Harry following close behind. "Harry im sorry i just am not ready for a baby right now im only 17 and you are 18,  but i dont want an abortion i would never kill our baby!" I was in complete tears and it was hard for me to say 'our baby' but i did. "Tay i will help you get through this!" All of a sudden my phone rang and it was the doctor.


I went into the bathroom, closed the door, and locked it. "Hello??" "Yes Miss Walker we have the father of your baby!!" "Who?!?!" "The father is.......Louis Tomlinson!!" OH SHIT!! "Thank you doctor!" "Any time" As i hung up i couldnt help but cryy. I finally came out but Harry wasnt in the house. 


He left. So i decide to call him. After 3 rings he answers "WHAT!!" "Harry whats wrong??" "Does this ring a bell Yes Miss Walker the father is.......Louis Tomlinson!!" "Harry im sorry i never ment for it to happen please!!" "Im sorry i just cant, Taylor its over!!" "HARRY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME.......harry pease!!" I hear the phone disconect. i decide to call Louis. "Hello!!" "Louis cant you come over??" "Why dont you get the baby daddy to come come there!" "I know thats why i called you!!" "WHAT!!" "Louis its yours!!"

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