Until We Meet Again

Taylor and Harry have been dating for a year but what happens when her and Louis start having feelings for each other, will their relationship last or will her and Louis fal in love....... read to find out............First book to the Until We Meet Again series.


2. Im Sorry

Taylors POV:


"Hey Louis we need to talk." I just want to say, i wanna b with u i love u but i cant, I have Harry. "Ya i need to talk to you to Tay." he always calls me Tay i think its so sexy!!!!!! "Ok u first." "Ok Tay i like u alot and i mean ALOT but ur with Harry and i would never do that to him, hes like a brother to me, im sorry Tay." "shit!!" i mumble to myself "Whats wrong love??" "Nothing its just, i cant get you out of my head every second of every day, i cant go on like this Lou, i am in love with you and i know its wrong but but.................I cant go on with out you!!!!" I run off and cry my eyes out all the way to my front porch which is a mile away.



I just sit there and cry until i feel big warm arms hug me. I look up to see Harry. Y!!!!!!!!!! "Whats wrong love, i have never seen you cry, and i mean like NEVER!!!!!!!!!" "Nothing it was nothing." "REALLY TAYLOR YOUR GOING TO TELL HIM NOTHING ALL THE TIME, ITS TIME TO TELL HARRY THE TRUTH TAYLOR!!!!" Louis has never yelled at me before and i dont want to tell him, it was just yesterday in the park in a hidden area that only me and Louis know of, im not ready!!!!


"Louis please stop i just want to be alone!!" I pull away from Harry and run inside and to my bedroom, its so stupid of  me not to lock the door!! I go to the bathroom, to the toilet, and throw-up. Soon Harry comes in and comes over and wets a rag. He puts it over my forehead and fulls my hair back. "What was Louis talking about??" I sit up and lean up on the wall. "Can we talk about something else right now." "OK then why are you sick??" "Um Harry i need to tell you something, so we have been dating or 2 years and a week ago i took a pregnancy test, 3 acually and they all said yes so i went to the doctor , turns out im 3 months pregnant but i wanted to tell you tonight at dinner, im sorry!!!!!!" "OH. MY. GOD. Taylor thats awesome, i cant beileve this, I LOVE YOU!!!" "Love you t...." I get sick again, way to ruin a moment.


Louis POV:


Taylor runs inside. What have i done!!!!! I love her. Soon he and Harry come out smiling and laughing and Taylors just holding her stomach. "Hey whats going on??" "Hey Lou turns out Taylor and i are going to have a baby!!!!!" when i heard that my heart just melted, i love her, i wish it was mine. I look at Taylor who is also almost in tears i walk up the steps and give her a hug. "Congrats!" "Louis just just stop i know how you feel just just please go, i dont wan to talk to you right now!" I back away and run tears just streaming dwn my face.  push away all the cameras, no wasnt the time!!!!!

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