Until We Meet Again

Taylor and Harry have been dating for a year but what happens when her and Louis start having feelings for each other, will their relationship last or will her and Louis fal in love....... read to find out............First book to the Until We Meet Again series.


4. I love you!

Louis POV:


"Louis itrs yours!!" i just dropped the phone and ran to her house. When i got there she was on the porch crying all by herself, she doesnt deserve this. WAIT........wheres Harry. I run up to her and hug her!! "Wheres Harry!!!" "OH Louis he heard the doctor tell me its your baby and he broke up with me!!!" She was crying into my chest, why would Harry do that. "Dont worry we will get through this together!!" All of a sudden Harry drives up with boxes in his car. "Harry man what are you doing here??" "Louis im sure she told you we broke up so i am getting all my stuff out of her house!!" "Harry please I love you please dont do this!!" She was holding his arm, the he pulled it away!! "Ya thats what i thought, then you go and sleep with my best friend and kiss him under the tree at the secret park!!" "Harry please!!" I couldnt take it anymore i walked up to Harry. "HARRY THAT KISS MENT NOTHING OK, I HAVE NO FEELINGS FOR HER, SHE HAS NO FEELINGS FOR ME, WE WERE DRUNK HARRY!!' 



Thats when i let al my anger out on him.......I punched him in the face!! "HARRY I AM SICK OF IT OK YOU LEAVE HER IN HER MOST TIME OF NEED, THAT SHOWS HOW NICE YOU ARE!!!" All of a sudden i feel a pull on my arm. I look down to see Taylor crying. "Louis I just want to say that i do have feelings for you and that kiss wasnt a simple mistake for me, Harry thank you for showing me that!!!" she grabbed the box Harry was holding and ran inside. When i went inside with Harry, she had put all his clothes, pictures of them, and some other stuff. She also took all her One Direction posters and cut his face out of them and put it in there. "Here Harry all your stuff, i never want to see your face again!!!" Harry grabbed the box from her "I never want to see yours or the babys, i dont want to b reminded of how you cheated on me with my best friend, i cant wait to burn all of our pictures!!! Bye Louis Bye Bitch!!!" And then Harry just left, you could tell he was really hurt. I looked over and Taylor who was crying her eyes out!!! "Taylor i just want to say that i love you!!!" Then she stood up and kissed me, this time i felt something real, s i kissed back. "I love you to Louis!!"

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