Forever young

It's about One Direction


1. Into

well it all pretty much started the day me and my best friend Anna were coming back from our graduation that was that morning. 

Well I guess I should start from the beginning and go from there, now shouldn't I? Well for starters my name is Jaz, I'm 18, I have bright blue eyes that have green bursts, my hair is medium length and is naturally straight, and black. I am tan and fit as some would say. Anna, well her full name is anastasia, but we all call her Anna. She is pretty fit her self, she has medium length straight blonde hair. She has beautiful bright green eyes that have blue bursts.

We live in Wolverhampton England, yes we know the home town of Liam Payne from one direction. Truth is Anna and I are his best friends. We grew up with him. All three of us use to live next to each other, well that is until he went on x-factor and got all famous and stuff, but we never lost contact, we always text and Skype when ever he has the chance. We all are still very close, he's still like a brother to Anna and I.
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