Forever young

It's about One Direction


10. Chap.8

Anna's P.O.V

Jaz walked away to here room to do something. Probably just to unpack. I walked around my room admiring everything. I really loved how everything was the way I liked it. I walked over to my bed, which was was a huge king sized bed. The sheets were lime green, and the blanket was black and had bright lime green spots on it. I put my suitcase on the bed and unlatched it. I pulled my clothes out and put them into the dresser. I turned around to find Harry looking threw my phone. Wait how did he get my phone?

 "What are you doing?" I asked as I rushed over and grabbed my phone.

"nothing" Harry replied sheepishly "I was just looking and stuff."

"well you should ask, so I can at least say no next time." I smirked

"oh" he said as he looked around my room.

"Yeah so what did you do to my phone?" I questioned 

"oh nothing, you'll see later." he said smirking

"what ever, get out" I said shoving him out of the door

I went back to putting things up. I had finished and was now putting my suitcase under my bed when I heard someone yell "dinner!" which I think was Louis.

I headed down the stairs to the kitchen where everyone but Jaz and Zayn was sitting.
"I will find out what you did to my phone Styles, I will" I said with a fake glare and sat by him.

"We'll see!" Harry said with an evil grin

We all sat and waited for Jaz and Zayn to come down. We saw the come down the stairs. I kinda wonder what took so long.

"sorry we are late" Jaz apologized "Zayn made me run into him.

They took a seat. Jaz sat by Niall and Zayn took a seat between me and Jaz.

Niall's P.O.V

Jaz took a seat by me when Zayn and her came down for dinner. "hey" I greeted her as she sat down "hey" she said smiling at me. She had such a cute smile. Did I just say that?...I just met her...but I think I like her a lot.

Harry brought out the food. 'of course' I thought when I saw the tacos Harry brought out. Every time he makes dinner it is mostly always tacos, his favorite food. He sat them down and sat down In-between Louis and Liam across the table.

"dig in!" Harry said while grabbing some tacos.

"Yay!" Anna gushed "I love tacos"

Harry seemed to like Anna. He was always looking at her when he thought no one was looking.

--------AFTER DINNER-----------

"that was a great dinner" Jaz said smiling to Harry. She was so polite and I like that about her.

"thanks"Harry said grabbing plates off the table and heading to the kitchen. I grabbed the rest of the plates and went in after him he sat them in the dish washer.

We walked into the lounge and everyone was talking about what to do." how about Toy Stroy?" Liam suggested we all said no. He always wants to watch it. "I don't really feel up to watching a movie." complained Anna "How about truth or dare?" Jaz asked. Uh-oh not good. "we all agreed. This is going to be interesting

We sat in a circle on the floor in the lounge. Harry went to the kitchen to fetch a bottle. He came back and placed the bottle in the middle. 

"Lets  discuss the rules." he said as he sat down. " you spin the bottle and who it  lands on has to choose truth or dare. The person who spun the bottle will chose the truth or dare the person will preform. It that person chickens out, the person must the park." he explained and gave a cheeky smile at the end. Like I said..Interesting!

Chap. 8 done! Onto the next maybe in a lil while or tommarow ~MAX
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