Forever young

It's about One Direction


9. Chap.7

I walked back to my room and started to unpack. I pulled my iPod and dock out and plugged it all in and stuff and pushed play. It started to play Friday by Rebecca Black. Without thinking I start singing. It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. I stop and realize, wow I hate this song. I walk over and press my radio app, and What Makes You Beautiful comes on and I sigh.

"when is this song not on?" I say out loud not thinking 

"not sure" said a Irish accent, whipping my head around I find Niall standing in the door way.

"oh my god you scared me!" I say putting my hand to my chest and breathing fast.

"sorry just thought I should come check on you....and Anna he said just you and thought better about it and said Anna too.

"oh we'll I'm fine," I saying going threw my clothes and smiling to my self because of the thought that he came to check on me.

"oh" he said looking down like he was upset or something. "I guess I should go," he said still looking down and slowly turned around to leave.

"I guess you can help...if you would like." I say looking at him

"oh, sure I can help." he says his face immediately brightening "what should I do?"

"well you can start by handing me clothes while I put  them into into dresser.

"ok" he says handing me a blouse that had floral printing on it, it had not straps. "we'll this is a nice shirt" he says handing it to me and wiggling his eye brows.

"thanks" I say taking it from him and folding it and putting it in the dresser.

He laughs as he pulls out a pink bra. "here" he says still laughing. I blush " ok lets do something about decorating my room. 

"Man, I wanted to finish with your clothes he says holding up a black bra to his chest.

And right at that moment Zayn walks into my room and looks at me then to Niall then to me and then back to Niall.

"What the...." was all he could manage to say.

Niall dropped the bra and just blushes slightly. Zayn just stood there for a few seconds and just stared at Niall.

"Um..." Niall said looking at Zayn I stood there looking at Zayn waiting for him to say something. I thought to my self 'well this is awkward' 

"I...was gunna ask if you needed help but think Niall has that covered." Zayn  said snickering and picking up the black bra Niall had dropped.

"You can help as well if you would like..." I offered taking the bra and putting it in the dresser."we were going to decorate instead."

"sure" zayn said smiling and grabbing a poster I had on my bed. "well I never pictured you as a Linkin Park fan. He said looking at the poster he grabbed. " more like a Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez fan."

"god I hate Taylor Swift." I said getting tacks to hang the poster up."And I only now like one song by Selena Gomez.

"oh, ok" Zayn said holding the poster up to the wall while Niall took the tacks from me and taking up the poster.

We were done fairly quickly. We stood back and looked at our master piece. It looked pretty good. I put my clothes after we were done decorating and the boys just stood there and commented on everything I pulled out.

"Dinner!" Louis yelled up the stairs. Niall practically ran out of the room and down the stairs. Zayn got up from my bed where he was sitting while I unpacked my clothes.

I walked out after Zayn and he stopped making me run into him and fall on the ground.

"god Zayn, what the heck!" I said looking up from where I was on the floor.

"sorry" said Zayn in a whisper ad he helped me up from the floor. I was just thinking" he said as I'd it was obvious.

"well next time, if your going to think make sure your you're behind me because that hurt." I said laughing as we walked down to the kitchen where everyone was sitting waiting for us to get down there.

No hate to Taylor and Selena, I just personaly don't like them
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