Forever young

It's about One Direction


7. Chap.6

We laughed at how embarrassed she was. 

" I don't believe I caught your name love." said the blonde to me

"oh sorry, guys this is Anna and Jaz, guys this is Zayn, Harry, And Niall." Louis said introducing us and pointing to everyone as he said their name.

I looked around and noticed that me and Anna were in the middle of the guys they stood in a circle around us. I've never been one to be self conscious, but they were looking at us and it just made me self conscious.

"Sooo..." I said trying to break the awkward silence.

"Oh, right the tour!" said Louis

After showing is the kitchen, lounge room, and game room, we finally were shown our rooms. As I walked into my room i just stared at the amazingness.

"what don't like it." Louis said sounding confused and sad.

"No, I love it!" I said and ran and jumped on my bed smiling at how it was my favorite color blue. But wondering how they knew what my favorite color was.

" I remembered your guys' favorite colors so I had your rooms painted that color." Liam said as if he could read my mind.

"Thank you!" I said getting up and hugging him in a tight hug.

We made our way to Anna's room. It was like green. She loved it, I could just tell by the way she started dancing and going "woot woot" as if it wasn't obvious.

"Well we will leave you guys to unpack and settle in while we go make dinner. 

*Again sorry it is so short*~MAX
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