Forever young

It's about One Direction


6. Chap.5

"wow" said the guy and stopped before opening the door. "I forgot to tell you who I am!" I'm Louis Tomlinson." he said shaking mine and Anna's hand.

"nice to meet you," I said smiling 

"well aren't you a polite thing Louis said while looking at me funny. Now I see why you and Liam are friends." Louis said while smirking at Liam 

"she's not that polite or I wouldn't be her friend." said Anna pushing me playfully, I rolled my eyes and pushing her back.

"Well lets get moving!" Liam said impatiently.

"Fine Mr. Pushy!" Louis said with a mocking voice and opened the door.

As he opened the door, I held my breath not sure what to expect. We walked into the house and Anna dropped to her knees and screamed "It's like heaven!" and when I say scream, screamed!

"I think imma like this one." Louis said gesturing to Anna and laughing.

"who died." said a lad coming down the stairs. He had olive colored skin, beautiful hazel eyes, and perfectly styled hair. "I heard some one scream." he said looking at Anna on the floor.

"Shut up Zayn." Liam said laughing "it was just Anna. He gestured to Anna. She stood up fast and acted normal. I smirked as she tried playing it cool.

"hey" she said all cool.

"hi" he said laughing and then looked at me.

"zayn this is Anna and Jaz." Louis said pointing to Anna and then to me.

"what's up" zayn said all flirty

I giggled at how funny it was that he was flirting directly at me.

"Niall, Harry get your asses down here!" Liam yelled up the stairs.

"Fine" yelled a curly haired one as he came running down the stairs and stoping abruptly as he spotted Anna and making a blonde haired boy run into him.

"oi! Move it Harry!" yelled the blonde one with a major Irish accent. I looked at Anna and she laughed.

"hey"said Harry running his hands threw his hair and smiling cheekily.

"Hi" Anna said blushing slightly as Harry took her hand and kissed it.

"Harold!" yelled the blonde one. "Stop your flirting you just met her and you don't even know her name."

" it Olivia?" Harry asked with a sheepish smile.

"no, sorry. But you'll have time to learn it" she said giggling then her face turned   to  a shocked look as she realized the girly noise she made. "wow, that was a weird noise." she said laughing and blushed as she realized she said it out loud.
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