Forever young

It's about One Direction


4. Chap.3

As we walked into the airport Liam kept his head down as we walked past a girl about 13 who had a One Direction shirt on.

"God Liam can seem anymore suspicious?" Anna whispered while laughing at how stupid Liam looked.

"I don't want to be recognized" Liam said with his head still down. 

"Well you're drawing more attention with your head down than if you would if it was up" I said looking at the people staring at Liam.

We walked up to the main desk and asked for 3 tickets to California.

"All three to California?" asked the lady with a snobbish face.

"Yeah, pretty sure that's what we asked for." Anna said rather sarcastically. Which made the lady pissed.

"Couch or first class?" asked the lady pretty snotty.

"first class" snapped Liam just as snotty.

"here" said the lady shoving the tickets at Liam.

"Watch your self" said Anna yelling at the lady.

"Don't make me call security" threatened the lady

"go ahead I'll just tell them you were being a bitch to a famous person" said Liam taking off his disguise.

"Never mind,  have a nice day" said the the lady with a rather fake smile.

We grabbed our tickets and as soon as we turned around we heard screams and girls screaming "THAT'S LIAM PAYNE! GET HIM!"

"Run for it!" yelled Liam as he ran off leaving us there stunned.

Anna stood there like she was going to fight them her fists up like a boxer's.

"Bring it on princesses!" she yelled as they came running toward us. I grabbed her and ran after Liam. We reached the plane just in time to get on. 

Panting as we got into the plane, I looked around looking for Liam who as I found him relaxing in his seat. I walked up to him and hit him upside the head.

"What was that for" asked Liam with a huge grin

"for being stupid" said Anna slapping Liam upside the head again.

We laughed as Liam acted like he was in pain, when a lady came on the speaker said take a seat and buckle up. I walked over to my seat which was by a girl that was my age, and had blonde hair, with green eyes.

"Hi" I said sticking out my hand

"Hey" said the girl shaking my hand

"What's your name?" I asked the girl smiling

"Cheyenne" she replied smiling bigly.

"Well its nice to meet you Cheyenne, my names Jaz."I said 

"You too" she said smiling.

-Anna's P.O.V-

When me and Jaz got on the plane I thought I was going to die. Me and Jaz walked over to where Liam was sitting and Jaz slapped Him upside the head and so did I. Then a lady came on the speaker and told us the sit down and buckle up. I took my seat next to a hot guy.

"Hey" said the hot guy smiling

"Hi" I said taking out my iPod and putting the buds in my ears and ignoring him.

I wasn't there for a guy I didn't know to hit on me. So I just listened to Glad You Came by The Wanted I soon fell asleep.
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