Forever young

It's about One Direction


3. Chap.2

"oh my god!" what are you doing here!?" I yell as I hug him

"Well he's obviously sitting" Anna says with a smirk before Liam could say other wise.

"well I can tell you never changed smart ass." Liam says laughing at what Anna said."but I'm here to see you and Anna of course," he says as we finish our hugs.

"you came all the way from California just to see us?" I ask looking at him like he's crazy.

He looks at my mum and dad and they start to laugh. I look at Anna to see if she has a clue as to what's going on. But she doesn't because she looks even more confused as I do.

"no I didn't just come to see you both I came to get you both to come live with me and the band," he says with a huge grin on his face.

I look at my mum and dad with a shocked face and they nod to say yes. I started screaming and jumping up and down like a little kid that just got told they could go to disney land.
I stop when I see Anna's face, she looks depressed, and has her head down.

"What's wrong?" I ask walking over to where she's sitting on the sofa,

"nothing, I just don't think my mum and dad will let me go" she explains while looking down

I could see my mum and dad laughing and smiling to each other.

"we talked to your parents and they said yes." me mum says smiling 

Anna and I start screaming and jumping up and down laughing.

"well, go get packed" Liam says while smiling.

I run up the stairs laughing and get all of my clothes and shove them in my suitcases. I grab all most everything but my bed. I run back down stairs with 4suitcases. I hug my mum and dad saying I love them and will miss them. I walk out to see Liam putting Anna's stuff into the trunk. He grabs my stuff and puts them in too.

"Lets go" he says getting into the car

As we pull away we wave bye to our parents.

"So were are we going" I ask as Liam while he's driving

"to live with him and the band, I thought he said this"  Anna says sarcastically.

I roll my eyes play fully.

"no, I thought we were going to china, smart ass." I say just as sarcastic.
"I meant where are we going so that we can get there" I explain

"god for a graduate you don't know very much, now do you. We obviously have to fly there. Unless you wanna swim there." Anna says smart assed 

"Bro dial down the sarcasm and smart assness" I say looking at her seriously.

"I'll never get tired of you two" Liam says laughing.

I turned on the radio and flip threw the channels when we hear What Makes You Beautiful. We all laugh and start singing along and laughing. Liam of course sounds the best but I don't think I sound all to bad.

As the song ends we pull into the airport, which is always crowded.

"well this is going to be fun!" Anna says sarcastically.

"Why" I ask because I thought the sarcasm wasn't nessasary.

"cuz we have 1/5th of a famous boy band here!" she says pointing at Liam.

"oh" I mumble feeling stupid

"don't panic I got this" Liam says pulling about a mustache and dark sun glasses  and putting them on and pulling up his hood.

"let's get this party started" Anna says dancing in the back seat. Why she did, I don't even know but it made us laugh.
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