Forever young

It's about One Direction


11. Chap. 9

Harry's POV

"who wants to spin the bottle first?" Louis asked while looking around to circle "how about you Anna?" Louis questioned

"sure" she replied and spun the bottle, it landed on Liam and she smiled evilly. Even then she was cute. "truth or Dare?" she asked 

"Uh...I guess dare." he shrugged 

"You have to go skinny dipping in the neighbors' pool." she said smirking 

"But..." Liam almost protested (hahaha No Jimmy protested) but remembered the price of chickening out. "Fine" he then got up and we fallowed him outside. He then jumped the fence to the neighbors' yard, and walked over to the pool and looked over to us.

"Woot,woot! Get in there Liam" yelled Anna. She then started dancing funny."Dancing in my head and no one can see me." she sang while dancing.

We all just looked at her and busted out laughing. She realized what she was doing and mumbled "oops" and we all looked back at Liam who had all of his clothes off.

"Jump!" Louis screamed and Liam jumped in and quickly swam to the side to get out when lights to the house came on and the door opened. Liam jumped out and grabbed his clothes and jumped the fence "Stupid teens!" the old man who walked out yelled as we all ran for the house.

We went back to the circle "Your spun Liam" Louis said when Liam came back from putting his clothes back on. He spun the bottle and it landed on me.

"Oh great" I whispered to myself.

"truth or dare?" asked Liam

"Dare" I replied after moments thought.

So I might be up loading another fanfic so please go check that out when it's up~ MAX
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