Forever young

It's about One Direction


2. Chap. 1

As we pull into my drive way coming back from our graduation, we notice a unfamiliar car sitting there. I look at Anna and she shrugs. We get out of my car and start walking toward my house.

"who do you think it is", I ask as we start to walk up the walk way.

"I don't know it's your house," she replays with a sarcastic tone and a smirk on her face.

"oh, ok smart ass." I say as we walk through the front door.

As we walk in I see a guy out age sitting on the sofa talking with my mum and dad. Ignoring my  curiosity I walk into the kitchen, gesturing for Anna to fallow so we could get a snack.

"Is it me or does that guy look familiar?" Anna asks while I take bites out of my apple.

"yeah, actually he does." I say while Anna grabs an apple from the basket on the island.

"Well let's go see who it is then" I say pushing Anna playfully as I walk out of the kitchen.

"hey mum, hey dad" I say not looking at the guy as we walk into the lounge room,

"hey" they say at the sometime.

As we make it into the centre of the room I notice out of the corner of my eye Anna drop her apple and run to give the strange guy a hug.

As I look over I then notice who it is and run and join Anna hugging the one the only Liam Payne. 
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