nothings gonna be the same. (Completed ;)~)

18 year old scarlet in working for close family friend Simon Cowell for then next year and a half or so. bord out of her mind she sits humming hand written song to her self. one day in late august one direction comes in to her life for the better, well and one of them for the worse. see how scarlets life keeps changing throught the Movella enjoy!


31. chapter 30

    The concert was a success. Although I saw quite a few bras thrown on stage during ‘Live while were young.’ Mel and I stood in the front row and she jumped around while I kind of danced in place. Being pregnant isn’t fun. Since it’s 10:30 we decide, well Niall decides that we should all go out to eat together. I agree because i’m starving. We pull into the sonic parking and I get out.
“Hey scarlet can you order for me?” Asks Niall.
“Yah sure.”
I walk up to the boards and press the call button.
“Hello welcome to sonic what can I get for you?”
“I’ll take a number 1 combo.”
“What to drink with that and what size?”
“A medium doctor pepper.”
“Tots, Fries or onion rings?”
“Will that be all?”
“No, can I have a number 3 combo with chili cheese tots and a medium coke as well as a side of ched ‘R’ peppers and a New York style coney dog, and 5 orders of tots.”
“Will that be all?”
“Your total will be 42.56 please swipe your card now.” I swipe my credit card and the green light flashes.
“Your food will be ready in a few. 5 minutes later a girl on skates rolls out to meet me, handing me my food and drinks. I thank her and walk back to the lemo. I climb in and had niall his #3 combo with chilli cheese fries, The New York style hot dog and the order of ched ‘R’ peppers. I hand everyone an order of tots.
“I figured you all needed to try there would famous tots while were here.” Everyone thanks me and I dig into my burger. by the time i am finished we have reached the hotel. I’ll I want to do is lay down. That concert wore me out. Heck if i wasn’t pregnant i’d make Liam carry me in but because i’m nice I won't make him. I hang onto Liams hand like a child not letting go until we walk into our room. Before Liam closes the door I see Harry and Mel kissing.
“Louie and Niall owe me 20 more dollars.” I grumble and fall into bed fully clothed.
“You’ll you like me to take your shoes of?” Asks Liam sweetly.
“Yes please.” Liam pulls of my socks and shoes. Since i’m in legging and a light shirt I don’t bother asking Liam to help me unders.
“How much you wanna bet the Mel is staying the night with Harry!” I yawn at Liam
“We both know that, That wouldn’t be a fair bet.”
“Because you know as well as I do that Harry is making out with Mel as we speak.” I sleep laugh and throw me head onto the pillow.
“I love you Scarlet.” Liam kisses my hair.
“L-Ov-e you too” I whisper and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Today is the day that I leave to go back to the United Kingdom. Mel is going to go with the boys to Ohio where she is currently staying. Liam and I step out of the Range-Rover and into the air port. Liam drags my suitcases behind him like a proper gentleman while I carry my carry on.
“So what are you going to do without me until the baby is born?” Ask Liam with a twinge of sadness in his voice.
“Try and stay sane.” We laugh at my mildly funny joke.
“NO but really what are you going to do i’m going to be gone up-until like 5 days until the baby is born and you aren’t coming to visit me at all.” Liam tries again
“Well I was trying not to think about it too much but i’ll probably spend time with my sister tword when the baby is going to be born and maybe work on writing some songs with a producer from simons label and get some songs recorded.”
“Really?!” Liam looks kind of awestruck .
“Yah, Simon wanted to do it for my 19th birthday but everyone was so busy and all so were going to do it before the baby is born.”
“Oh love that’s amazing! Make sure to send me a recording of you singing.”
“Hey and maybe we could do a duet together!” Adds Liam.
“Yah we should!” I kiss Liam on the lips. After a few moments of so I pull away.
“Well I guess that this is goodbye..” God i’m crying again.
“No, don’t think of it as goodbye, think of it as ‘see you soon’. I love you Scarlet.”
“I love you too Liam.” We kiss one final time. Liam wipes the tears from my cheeks and I walk through customs. I wave good bye then I disappear into the terminal.


The plane ride was uneventful and i’m on my way to pick Simon and Nalla up from an animal resort. Nalla is happy to see me and has a bow tied to her collar. Simon on the other hand just walks straight into his cage without a glance in my direction. Wow what a wretched cat. I thank the lady behind the counter and drive back to my flat. the cats stretch out on the couch and cat posts while I go out to the terrace and call Simon.

“Ello love, what the mater?”
“Hi Simon nothings wrong I just wanted to call and set up the recording date.”
“Ahh, yes, very well. Hows 2 weeks from Wednesday?”
“Sounds great uncle Simon.”
“Welcome back Scarlet.”
“Thanks bye!”
“Bye.” So 2 weeks from tomorrow I can finally record some of my songs! I go into the kitchen and smell something dreadful. Onions. I run to the sink and wretch in the sink . I run water over the barf and in races down the drain. I rinse water into my mouth then spit. I’ve left out onions all week and the kitchen smells terrible. I call Liam.
“Hey Liam can I stay at your flat?”
“Of course why?”
“Because I was dence and left out a bag of onions and now my whole flat smells like rubbish.”
“Yah do you have a key?” Ass Liam
“Yep then i’m heading over there right now so i’ll phone you later and thank love!”
“No problem I love you both!”
“We love you too and remember no sleepin wit fans!”
“Why would I when I have 1 and a half beautiful girls waiting for me a home?”
“Tushay. Bye daddy!”
“Bye Mummy!” I hang up and pack . I slide Nalla and Simon into separate crates and lode them their stuff including the play structure along with a suitcase. When I pull up to Liams lavish flat I see the usual crowd of die-hard Directioners. I pull my suite case and Cat crates in first without almost being ripped apart limb by limb. I carry the play structure in last and lock the door. I’m wiped so I let the cats out of the crates and fall into Liam’s bed. I strip down until i’m in nothing but my knickers and bra. I lay back down and press my hand to my stomach, feeling the baby kicking. I hum the words to one of my alltime favorite songs from Glee, Run Joey Run. It’s a weird song but I really enjoy it.
‘Daddy please don’t it wasn’t his fault he means so much to me, Daddy please don’t were gonna get married...’
I wonder if LIam and I will get married. I also wonder what I our home will look like. Liam and I have picked out a lavish home 15 miles or so outside of London our lives will be packed up and moved in 2 months and i’ll be living in a new home by myself until Liam gets back . Well actually my sister Hannah will be staying with me for a right month before the baby is born. But I let the whole world fade away as I fall as I drift into the dream realm.


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