nothings gonna be the same. (Completed ;)~)

18 year old scarlet in working for close family friend Simon Cowell for then next year and a half or so. bord out of her mind she sits humming hand written song to her self. one day in late august one direction comes in to her life for the better, well and one of them for the worse. see how scarlets life keeps changing throught the Movella enjoy!


30. chapter 29

We arrive at the hotel at 5:09 and rush up stairs. We yell ‘Hi’ to the boys and fall into our room. I throw on my black Figure-fit jersey top with spotted mesh at the top and 3/4-length sleeves. Then pull on my black treggings in stretch twill with pockets at the back and wide ribbing at the waist that have a more comfortable fit. I slip on a pair of red socks and my red boots with laces at the front and rubber soles. Liam’s in A fitted black long-sleeved grandad shirt in jersey with buttons at the top and A pair of beige 5-pocket low-rise jeans in washed denim with slim legs. And a pair of brown leather shoes with laces at the front and rubber soles. I put on black mascara and a hint of black eyeliner
“You look fit Liam.” I wink at him
“Thanks love. You look like the hottest pregnant lady in the world.” I roll my eyes and walk out to meet the rest of the boys.
“Opps its 6 now I’m going to pick up Mel.”
“Ok love hurry back!” I wave bye to Liam and ride the Lift down stairs. I see Mels red and walk over to her.
“Hey Mel!”
“Oh hey Scarlet.”
“Follow me.” We walk to the Lift and step in. We arrive on my floor and are chatting about how hard it is to carry a child.
“I hate the morning sickness the most because I just get hungry again.” Sympathises Mel.
“Me too but My throwing up is pretty much predictable. It’s kind of weird actually.” This is when Harry and Melines eyes meet, just like in the movies.
“Hello, earth to Harry.” Louie snaps his fingers in harrys face waking him of his trance.
“Told you they'd Hit it off.” Whispers Liam in my ear. I just smile and nod. Mel looks great. Shes wearing a blue short, pattern-knit jumper with a wide neck under a pink, white, light and dark blue jacquard-knit cardigan with pockets at the front. Her shirt and cardigan are complemented by navy blue trousers a pink scarf and a pair of grey, imitation suede boots with elastic gores in the sides. Platform front and 3 inch heels.
“So Mel, How old are you?” Asks Harry.
“I turned 18 in February.” Replies Mel.
“Me too! What day?”
“February 2nd. How about you?”
“February 1st! Thats crazy.” Harry smiles at Mel and I giggle-whisper to Louie, ten Niall
“How much do you lads wanna bet that Harry kisses her by the end of the night?”
“10 pounds and we have a deal.” We shake hands and Paul says,
“Lets go ladies and lads!.” Its 7 6:30 and with all this traffic it will take us 45 minutes to get to ford field where the concert is being held. We all pile into the small elevator. Mel is flirting more than Harry is and shes a great laugh. I lean against Liams strong chest and wonder how large the crowd outside of the hotel will be. We step out of the lift and we all walk across the lobby and out of the back door. I can see the girls screaming Lined up 100 people thick on both sides of the door. The limo pull we and we climb in. Harry sit next to Mel and I sit next to Liam, Louie sits on the other side of me and Niall sits next to Louie. Zayn Sit on the other side of Liam. Paul shuts the door and as soon as he is in the passenger seat we start driving.





We arrive at Ford Field 45 minutes later. We use the back entrance again and stroll inside. I’ve been to Ford Field a couple of times to see people like Taylor swift, or Carrie underwood the year she was on American Idol. A dark hall was leads to a fork and we keep right. White wash walls appear with brown doors that have the boys names on them. The boys split of into their dressing rooms and I walk into Liam’s dressing room. I mob of make up artists and hairstylists circul Liams face. I laugh silently to myself and a bunch of pictures of Liam getting makeup put on and his hair being styled.

“What are you doing over there love?” Asks Liam
“Making memories for or unborn child!” I chirp at him. He rolls his eyes and let the hair stylist turn his head back to the mirror.
“Hey Li, i’m going to go find Melanie i’ll be back soon!.” I wave good bye and walk out of the room. 3 doors away is Harry dressing room. I find it weird how they all get separate dressing rooms here, but everywhere else has them together. I knock on Harry's door and there is no response. I open the door and see Harry and Mel making out.
“MY EYES!” I yell slapping a hand over my eyes.
“LOUIE! you owe me 10 pounds!” I call into space.
“SHIt, They're already making out? Harry you suck I just lost a bet because of you!” Hey screeches through his dressing room door. I slam Harrys door shut and open Louies. I stick out my hand and make the universal ‘money’ sign. He slaps a 10 pound bill into my hand and shuts the door in my face
“Feeling the love Tommo, feeling the love.” Before I open the door to Liam's room I walk across the Hall and poke my head into Niall's room. When I open the door he looks up from his nintendo 3Ds.
“You owe me 10 pound.” I Smile sweetly.
“No bloody hell, the already started kissing?”
“Yep now can I please have my money?” Niall pulls out 2, 5  pound bills and forks them over.

“Thank-you!” I walk back to liams door and slide onto the couch.
“H&M were getting pretty friendly in Harrys dressing room. I say breasley as soon as the stylists walk out of the room.
“Yah, how so?”
“1. They were making out 2. THEY WERE MAKING OUT oh and did I mention that they were making out?” Liam gives me this bemused look.
“Wow that was quick .”
“Yah It was and Louie and Niall had to pay me each 10 pounds!” Liam rises out of the chair and sits next to me on the black leather couch.
“Would it be bad if we started making out?” Winks Liam cheeckly.
“Nope, because we didn’t just meet like they did.” We lean into each other and kiss. My hands fall into Liams long hair and he slides his hands onto my waist.


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