nothings gonna be the same. (Completed ;)~)

18 year old scarlet in working for close family friend Simon Cowell for then next year and a half or so. bord out of her mind she sits humming hand written song to her self. one day in late august one direction comes in to her life for the better, well and one of them for the worse. see how scarlets life keeps changing throught the Movella enjoy!


28. chapter 27

4 months and counting. My belly I swollen up larger than before. The visit in Sweden was fun and Liam and I had a great time. And Niall loves the Swedes. Like with a passion and its quite funny. I’m on a flight to america and the plan is just landing At Detroit metro airport in Michigan. Paul is picking me up from the airport and driving me to my dads house in Canton. He would go take me to see the boys but they have 3 interviews and a Cd signing so they're too busy. My Dad already knows that he’s going to be a grandpa again thanks to the whole Twitter fiasco. My 13 and !5 year old brothers are also going to be there. My dad has let them skip their classes for the day and My step mum wont be home. Paul Pulls up to my dads and tells me to call him when i’m ready to go. I use my spare key from when i was 14 and open the door.
“WELCOME HOME SCARLET!!” Yells 3 of my favorite people.
“Daddy, Jason, Matthew!” I pull of my best American accent. My dad gets sad when he hears my New British accent. Probably because he knows that it was wrong. Jason, Matthew And my Dad all take turns hugging me from the side because of my growing belly.
“How are you guys?”
“We’re good.” Says my dad.
“Your step mom is really sorry she couldn’t make it.” My dad adds. My step mum Margaret is the lead surgeon at the C.S. Mott children’s hospital in Ann Arbor so she’s too busy saving the lives of kids so I understand.
“So How are you big sis?” asks Matthew my 15 year old brother.
“Pregnant.” He cracks a smile.
“I’m now going to have 2 nieces!” Says James the 13 year old.
“Yes you are.” Starts my dad ,who is also named Matthew but everyone calls him Matt, “And now i’m going to be a Grandpa twice over.”
We sit down and Just talk. Dad talks about me when I was a baby and we both talk about when Jason and Matthew were babies. Jason sings just like me. He fit and Jason and him both play soccer (football). They take after me. They both have my dads Green eyes and my moms Brown Hair. I look exactly like my mum did when she was in her teens. Jason is only 5’7 just like me but Matthew is 5’11. He’s 1 inch taller than my dad. Matthew plays guitar and Jason plays piano. I can play both with ease. Its 6:30 and Matthew has a soccer match. I tag along. His U16 team Is playing Deborn whom I have always hated. But they play dirty and I had always had fun knocking their snide asses down. My Brother plays right Defence. Thats the same position I played up until I got out of high school. In the last 30 seconds Matthew cuts of a pass the was being switched to the other side of the field. He takes the ball up and fakes out #3 on the other team and pulls of a beautiful maradona that i’m proud to say I taught him. No one tries to touch him he’s finally at the top of the goalie box and takes a shot. It sails just above the goalies gloves and into the left up 90’s corner of the goal. the spectators go crazy as I. Time runs out and My brothers team win 2-1. After most of the spectators have gone I steal the ball from my brother and dribble up to just above the 18 yard line. thanking god that I wore tenni shoes I give the ball a swift and powerful kick. Its nice to know that even though i'm pregnate I still have it. I walk over to my brothers and smirk.

"I may be prego but i can still kick your asses in a soccer match." Matthew roles his eyes and Jake beams at me. Jake problay loves me the most out of all my siblings. My dad makes Gumbo, my favroite cajin food, and then after I have eaten 3 survings I call Paul to pick me up. I say my good byes and Paul drives me to the hotel.  

I smile at Paul and we get out of the car.
“You know what Paul, you drive on American roads pretty well.”
“Thanks Scarlet.” Paul pulls out both of my purple suitcases. He leads me to the lobby and we jump into an elevator. The ride is over a second later and Paul leads me to room #675B. Paul hands me the key card and I assume that me and Liam are sharing A room.
“They’ll be back in 10 minutes. If you need anything i’ll be by the elevator making sure no crazy fans get up here.” I nod my head and push open the door. Its a queen size sweet with a large white and brown bed pressed up to the wall. A full sized kitchen and bathroom are visible from the door. Liams shoes and cloths are put away pretty neatly for a boy. I unpack and change into my yellow mummy jeans and pink jumper. I put my vitamins in the bathroom along with the rest of my toiletries. I text my dad and tell him that i’m safe and made it to the hotel in one piece. I’m in the middle of fixing my hair when the lock on the door clicks and the door swings open slowly. I quickly flop down the bead and rest my head in my hands.
“Scarlet?” Whispers Liam
“BABY!” Liam runs over to me and pick me up into a tight hug.
“We missed you so much Liam!” I kiss Liam slowly then he kisses my tummy.
“I missed you guys to.”
“Hey Liam I Think that I might just be going crazy but can you feel the baby kicking?” He rests his hand on my belly. Hi smile widens.
“She’s kicking!!” Liam screams with pleasure.
“Say it louder Liam I think the people on the 1st floor did hear you.” He blushes and someone knocks on the door. It’s Louie.
“What do you need Tommo?”
“What no hug?” I laugh and Hug him tightly.
“Liam said the baby was kicking so I wanted to come over and have a feel for my self!” He’s such an odd ball. I grab his hand and set it on the side of my stomach. When I feel the baby kick i pull Louie’s hand away.
“Isn’t it great lad?” Liam says gleefully o Louie.
“Yeah it’s pretty cool.” replies Louie. He walks out without another word.
“Well babe how about you and me go get some dinner. I hear that the food is great here.”
We eat some great food then I say hello to all of the boys. I change into a rather large t-shirt because i can’t fit into Liams anymore.
“Liam you need to gain some weight.”
“Why love?”
“Because i’m at that point were I can fit my big belly into you t-shirts and thats just sad.” I whine like a 2 year old.
“Well let me go toss my cookies and w can go to bed. I throw up in the toilet. At this point I basicly have a pucking secudal. twice in the morning, once in before I eat and one after I eat, and then once before bed. I brush my teeth and slide into bed with Liam. He wraps his thankfully long arms around my stomach.
“Night Love.” Whispers Liam in my ear.
“Night.” I fall asleep after the baby gives me one last good hard kick to the gut.

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