nothings gonna be the same. (Completed ;)~)

18 year old scarlet in working for close family friend Simon Cowell for then next year and a half or so. bord out of her mind she sits humming hand written song to her self. one day in late august one direction comes in to her life for the better, well and one of them for the worse. see how scarlets life keeps changing throught the Movella enjoy!


27. chapter 26


(2 months later....)

December 2nd 2013. Bailey ann Payne. shes going to be a girl in 7 months. Her birth date will be December 2nd 2013. Wow less than 7 months left until our daughter is born. I just had my first ultrasound of many last week. I’m starting to get a small baby bump bump but looks like i’m just gaining weight. My sister has given me most of her daughter Sarah's old baby clothes from when she was first born. Liam is handling this all well. The moodswings, the throwing up, the cravings. I think that he really wants to be a father. The boys are leaving to go on tour with their new album in an hour. Liams worried about me being all alone but we both know that he has to go. No if, ands, or buts about it. In a 2 weeks I’ll go see him in Sweden. Then a month after that he will be back here for a week performing in London. he’ll be on tour until 5 days before the baby is born. He also will make a stop In Michigan, the state in America the I am originally from, And I’ll visit my father and tell him about Liam and the baby.
“I love you both.” Says Liam kissing me and my stomach.
“We love you too daddy.” I say through my tears. I really don’t want him to go but he needs to go and live his dream. I hug the rest of the boys and Louie kiss my stomach to. He’s taking the role of godfather seriously might I add. The boys say by to me and soon-to-be-baby Bailey. I give Liam on last kiss goodbye and Pauls tells the boys that it’s time to leave.
“I’ll phone you and text you as much as I possibly can!” yells Liam
“Ok I LOVE you Liam.”
“I LOVE you to scarlet be safe!”
“Same go’s for you and no sleeping with any fans.”
“I know mommy Bye!”
“Bye babe.” And with that the boys dissiper into the terminal. I walk out of the airport and to my car. I hop in and wipe the tears off of my cheeks. I Pull out of the space and on to long stretch of road. As I drive I see something hobbling along the side of the road. I pull over and see a Noekula kitten. Its has dirty white fur with black ears, a black tail and a black nose with piercing blue eyes. I pick it up. No collar. I grab the kitten and walk back to my Chevy Acadia. I let the kitten sit in the passenger seat and I drive to the London animal shelter. The wrap the cats right back leg in a cast and give her, yes its a girl, a bath. Feed and washed the kitten is playfully batting around a ball of yarn. The Vet tells me that the kitten, who I name Nalla, Has a broken foot and that the cast can come of in 4 to 6 weeks. I buy a hot pink collar and get a tag made with her name and my contact information on it. I also get some Kitten food and 2 small bowls for kitten food and water. And last minute I buy a black cat structure for Nalla and Simon. The woman puts my stuff in bags and Nalla in a crate to take her home in. A nice man helps me carry my stuff to my car. I thank him and drive away.


When I get home I find Simon curled up on the couch. I set simon on top of the new cat play structure/scratching post and walk to the kitchen. I set Nalla’s bowls on the floor on the opposite side of the room from Simons. I fill up both of their bowls with fresh water and cat/kitten food. I open up Nallas crate and pull her out slowly and grab my iphone. I snap a pic and send it to Liam.

TO Liam:Like our new friend? I found her on the side of the road :(
FROM Liam: Ohh is it a girl or boy and what is is it’s name? Its sooo CUTE!. Btw or plane just landed.
TO Liam: HER name is Nalla. Cool Its getting late and i’m beat so i’m gonna go to sleep. I luv U!
FROM Liam: Ok babe night my sweet girls! Oh I have a concert and 2 interview tomorrow so I don’t know if I can call or txt until really late. So i’m sorry if I can’t call you I love you too baby. Bye.
I sigh realizing that I knew this was going to happen.
TO Liam: Bye.
I finally decided to call simon and tell him the news.
“Hi Simon its me scarlet”
“Ah, yes well what is it?”
“I have”
“What is it scarlet, spit it out.”
“Simon Liam and I and having a daughter.”
Silence. Then the dial tone. Shit.
“Yes?” I say to Simon
“You mean to tell me that MY Liam payne the responsible lead singer of MY music group One Direction, Got you... He...” I couldn’t say it so I do it for him.
“Yes uncle Simon he Knocked me up.”
“Have you told your Father?”
“Not yet but, when we go to America I’m going to tell my dad.”
“Ok . How far along are you?”
“2 months and 2 weeks.”
“AHHH! What is the due date and gender?”
“December 2nd 2013, and like I said earlier i’m having a girl.”
“I’ll set up Her collage and trust fund.”
“You’d do that for me uncle Simon?”
“Yes now goodbye.”
“Ok bye.” Huh. Who knew the the man without a heart. Has a heart. I laugh out loud and pick up Nalla. I reach for Simon but he darts away.
“Hey you're worse than the real thing you silly Kitty. I snap a Picture of me and Nalla and post it on twitter.
<Scarlet_Fallen_14: Meet my Baby Nalla, She’s a Rescue.
TAGS: Real_Liam_Payne & harry_styles>
<Harry_Styles: OMG!!! A PUSSY CAT!!!
TAGS: Scarlet_Fallen_14 & Real_Liam_Payne
Again I laugh. Harry always gets this way about cats. He’s weird like that. I take Nalla to bed with me she jumps out of my arms and onto my bed. I pull on one of Liams shirt’s that he’s letting me borrow while he’s away. I flop down into my bed thinking about what our Life will be like in less than 7 months. Maybe we’ll buy our first home. We’ll move out toward the country. In the suburbs. We’ll have Simon and Nalla and maybe even a dog. The boys will come over and fans will crowd our house. The nursery will be painted a soft pink with white trim and polka dots. 3-D butterflies will hang above the dark wood crib. a rocking chair will sit by the crib as well as a changing table and a diaper bin will sit next to it. My father will make me a toy chest from his wood shop and It will overflow with baby toys. The closet will have dresses and skirt and baby jeans and cloths of all kinds will fill up the drawers. She’ll grow up and be more beautiful than anything in the world. She’ll have her Fathers voice and my brains. Her hair will be the color of mine which is a light brown but will be slightly curly like Liams. She’ll have my honey brown eyes and Limas nose. She’ll have our best qualities and more than enough of her own. She’ll play soccer(football) and her Dad will teach her how to play baseball. She’ll also love disney movies like Liam does. She’ll be spoiled with love. We will give her the world. Me and Liam will hopefully get married and maybe even have more kids. Hopefully. I fall asleep thinking about mine and Baileys future. I wake up and rush to the bathroom. I throw up the little bit of food that is in my stomach. Great. I brush my teeth and walk down to the kitchen. I pull out the bread and toaster. When the toast pops up I slather peanut butter and Nutella on the both pieces of bread. I eat them in about 4 bits per piece. Its only 1am so I turn on the telly. I’m surprised to see mine and Liams faces on the tv. I turn up the volume.
“Sources tell us that there is reason to believe that the girlfriend of Liam Payne is pregnant. She was seen punching Prenatal vitamins and a ‘Mommy’ book . And earlier today Liam was seen kissing her stomach. I don’t know about you but I don’t need much more proof to convince me that 19 year old Scarlet Fallen is indeed pregnant.”
I feel like throwing up. Just my luck . I run to the bathroom and throw up for the second time in the last 20 minutes. I gargle some listerine and spit. I pull my phone of the charger and call liam.
“Hello? What’s wrong scarlet?” says Liam sleepy. I’m hyperventilating so it’s hard to talk
“Liam....(pant) The news....(pant) is saying that I’m.....(pant-pant) pregnant!” I start to cry softly.
“Oh babe I’m sorry. Please don’t cry they were bound to find out sooner or later. And they just found out sooner rather than later. You called Simon right?
“Yes-s. I called him earlier. He said he’d set up a Collage and trust fund for bailey.” I laugh threw my tears.
“Ha, who knew he had a heart?”
“That what I said! Should we confirm that I’m with child’?
“Well i guess. People are going to want to know the truth.”
“Ok. But Liam we both need to tell the people because they're not going to believe just me. I mean remember that girl that said the Justin Bieber was her babies daddy? That didn’t turn out to well.”
“Ok I’ll post after you post and scarlet?”
“Yes Liam?”
“I love you more than life itself so don’t let anything people may or may not say affect you. Ok?”
“Ok Babe i’ll do my best. Oh and Liam I love you to. And I’m glad you the father of my child. Bye”
“Bye girls.” I hang up and open up my twitter. I snap a picture of my stomach from the side.
<Scarlet_Fallen_14: Yes the rumor is true. I’m pregnant. I wanted to tell my family first but I obviously didn’t get the chance. I’m 2 months along. Our first born child will be born December 2nd 2013. It’s a she and her name is going to be Bailey Ann Payne. And @Louis_Tomlinson is the godfather. I love you @Real_Liam_Payne!>
I press send and what’s done is done. Moments later I’m blasted with tweets. I don’t bother reading them because their to many of them. Twitter chirps at me:
<Real_Liam_Payne:My perfect girlfriend Scarlet Fallen is indeed going to be the mother of my first daughter! I love them both so much. And yes @Louis_Tomlinson is going to be the godfather ;) Good night lovelies and @Scarlet_Fallen_14 I love you to!>
Feeling self satisfied and damn tired I walk back to my room and lie in be. Nalla curls up next to me and I finally fall asleep.
(A/N: Hey I stayed home from schools sick today so I published 2 chapters. This chapter ( Not including the Authors note) Is 1,904 word long and written on 11 pages. I was fun to write and is basicly my pride and joy. The babys name is very special to me so I hope you like it. I have officially reached 1,042 reads as I write this my New goal is 1,500 and then 2,000. I hope you Have/Had a wonderful day. P.s. and with the Authors note the story is 2,007 words long.


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