nothings gonna be the same. (Completed ;)~)

18 year old scarlet in working for close family friend Simon Cowell for then next year and a half or so. bord out of her mind she sits humming hand written song to her self. one day in late august one direction comes in to her life for the better, well and one of them for the worse. see how scarlets life keeps changing throught the Movella enjoy!


25. chapter 24

    We arrive at Liams flat. Liam carries me on his back like a child. Like the child that we are going to have together. I smile at the thought. A bulb pops and A shower of clicks follow. Paparazzi. Liam picks his way to the front gate and unlocks it. We walk thru and the gate swings shut with an audible click as the lock snaps into place. He opens the front door and carries me inside. I hop off of his back and walk over to the kitchen. The clock on the stove read 1:13. I start picking up trash and throw them in the rubbish bin. Liam walks past me with an arm load of laundry I smile and he smiles back. I go back to picking up garbage. I wash the few dishes that are in the sink and sweep the kitchen floor. I goto the front entry way and pick up Liams shoes. Shoes in hand I run to Liam's room and deposit them onto the shoe rack by the door. It is 1:56 now so the boys should be here in time now the house looks pretty good after I sweep the floors. I admire my work and dust of the T.v. screen. I rest my hands on my hips and watch Liam do laundry across the hall. My inner voices tells me to cover up my belly so I rest my hands on my stomach. I feel like i am going to throw up again so i go to the kitchen sink and pull the hair out of my face. My stomach heaves and tears start to flow. I finish and use the handheld sprayer to wash out my mouth. Liam is just now walking in and when he see’s me spraying out my mouth, he runs over.
“Aww babe you threw up again. I sorry I did notice because the wash is running come here.” I spit one last time and Liam hugs me tightly.
“Well I will just have to get used to it because morning sickness doesn’t go away until after the child is born.” I give him a grim expression and he grimaces. The doorbell rings.
“I’ll tell them mmmkkk?” I say.
“Ok love. I’ll get the door.” He open the front door and 4 roughty boys file in.
“So scar what’s this little ‘meeting’ all about?” Says harry raising his eyebrow at me.
“Boys please sit down. Niall jumps over the couch and Zayn sits next to him Harry sits on the couch and Louise sits on his lap. Liam and I walk in front of the couch and I start:
“Well boys I have some big news to share with-”
“Liam Proposed?! Screams Zayn in his Bradford accent.
“No not yet.” I say and the boys look disappointed.
“Our news is bigger than that. Because. well you see-, I’m Bloody Pregnant.” I bite my lip and hang onto Liams hand for support.
“Wait, So you mean to tell me that the most responsible boy in the band knocked you up?” Says Harry.
“Yah the Lad has a point.” Adds Niall.
“WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY DIRECTIONER!!! AND i’M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!” Yells Louie all excitedly. I Laugh and nod. Louie does a little happy dance which includes excessive hip thrusts and the ‘pat the dog screwing the light bulb’ move. The other boys rush me and give me a group hug and Harry kisses my cheek. He’s so cheeky!
“You boys can let me go now some of us need oxygen to live!” The boys let go and sit back down on the edge of the couch.
“What will you name him or her?” asks Zayn
“Well if its a girls her name will be Bailey Ann Payne. And I its a boy His name will be either Harold Zayn fallen or Niall jason Payne.” The 3 boys cheer but Louie says:
“Hey what about-” I cut him of
“Louie we want you to be the Godfather. You up for the challenge?” Louie go’s all wide eyed.
“I kid you not.” Louie Pulls me in for a hug.
“Thank you.” He whispers into my ear I nod and stand back up.
The boys end up staying until 5, Leaving me and Liam curled up on the black suede couch.
“Lets go shopping Liam.” I say out of the blue
“You sure you feel good enough to go out?
“Hell yes and besides I have a craving for mashed potatoes and reese's peanut butter cups and I have a lacking of either of those things at my flat. Plus I need to buys some Mommy sweatpants so when I get fat i’ll be comfortable. And I need to schedule a doctors appointment.” I explain
“Ok babe but you’ll never look fat to me.” Say’s Liam sweetly.
“Thats B.S, i’ll get fat and My boobs will get bigger and i’ll most likely start eating more that Niall does! Plus i’ll be throwing up because of hormones which will also make me have mood swings and-” Liam Kisses me probably to make me shut the hell up. I was getting hysterical thinking about all of the downsides of being a pregnant lady. I relax and melt into Liams kiss.
“I’m sorry babe I’m just nerves thats all.” I sigh realizing that I’m in the cloths that i wore yesterday.
“Go ahead and get changed babe, You have a drawer of things in my room and some dresses in the closet and I think so shoes on the rack by the door.” I smile and me and Liam walk to his room. I walk over to his closet and look at the 2 dresses one is a plain, smooth white dress. It go’s to mid thigh and has long sleeves with a scooping neckline. The other is a slightly longer pink dress with a tulle layer on top of the silk skirt. The straps are flat, black, wide beads with a silk ribbon that circles the waist like a belt and has a bow. I look at the shoes and see my blue peep toed shoes. the large stiletto heel is cheeta print. I grab the white dress and heels and set them on Liams tighty bed. I see that liam has a grey fedora in the corner.
“Hey Li, can I borrow that fedora in the corner?”
“Yah sure.” I throw the hat on the bed and walk over to the dresser drawers and pull out my drawer.There are 3 random tops, 3 pairs of jean, 2 parries of shorts, a bra and 2 pairs of undies, as well as a thin blue scarf!I grab the thin bra and some short white underwear that show of my but when I don’t have pants on. I decided to give Liam a show. I kiss him and push him onto the bed. I pull of my red plaid shirt one button at a time looking as sexy as possible. Nexts comes my shorts. I pull them off with one hand at a time until i’m in only a bra and Thong. I walk over to Liam and give him a lap dance. I can feel him getting hard so i rub him threw his jeans. He grabs my hand and pulls me into kiss him. I peck him on the cheek just to tease him.
“Help me unclip my bra please?”
“Yes. I mean... Well you know what I mean.” He blushes and I take a seat on his lap and he unclips my bra. I take his hands in mine and rest them on my breasts.
“Go ahead because I know that you want to big boy.” He gropes me and I let him play with nipples. I pull of my thong and he grabs my ass. I straddle his hips between my knees. We kiss and get off of him. He groans and flops down on the bed. I smile but he doesn’t see me. I pull on my underwear and slide into my thin, strapless bra. I pull on the white dress and fix the long sleeves. I wrap the scarf around my neck . I grab the round brush from Liams bathroom and brush out the waves in my hair. I flip on Liams fedora and shake out my hair to add volume. I slip on the heels and walk over to Liam.
“Hey sexy ready to go?”
“No I was too busy watching you change to even think about getting dressed.”
“I’ll get you something to were Liam don’t you worry!” I walk over to Liams closet and pick out a pair of gray bootcuts and throw them at Liam. I unzip and unbutton his pants for him. I pull out one of his drawers and see some neatly folded dress shirts. I grab a navy blue shirt sleeve button up. Liam is just finishing up and he buttons his pants.
“Arms up!” I say and Liam does as I ask .I pull his shirt over his head and throw it in the hamper. I pull his arm out to the side so he looks like an airplane. I Pull his shirt over his arms and button him up.
“You’re going to make a great Mummy.”
“I know.” I say thoughtfully
“Let’s go babe.” Liam grabs my hand and we walk out of his flat together.

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