nothings gonna be the same. (Completed ;)~)

18 year old scarlet in working for close family friend Simon Cowell for then next year and a half or so. bord out of her mind she sits humming hand written song to her self. one day in late august one direction comes in to her life for the better, well and one of them for the worse. see how scarlets life keeps changing throught the Movella enjoy!


22. chapter 21

What the....

     The setting thats infront of me takes my breath away. Hundreds of twinkling lights hang of of 30 plus trees, and they all shine in the fading afternoon sun light. 2 hammock chairs hang next to each other and a pretty wood table rests in the middle of the chairs.Candles light a path to the table were my favroite meal sits; General chicken, egg roles, white and brown rice, as well as a rather large cherry chessecake.A case of bud light sits next to the table.
“Oh my goodness you boys did have to do all of this for me!” I smile as two strong arms wrap around my waist and a chin rests on my shoulder. I lean my head back on the chest then turn around. I come nose to nose with Liam. He smiles and i peck him on the lips.
“I’d make the boy’s help me do anything for you.” I make an ‘awww’ sound and Liam walks me down the candle lit path. We sit down at the table and Liam serves me a large portion of general chicken and white rice. I grab and egg roll and some duck sauce.
“Chopsticks?” I ask Liam He nods and I hand him a pair of blue chopsticks. I grab the purple ones and take a bite. Ahh it tasted so very good. I ate a little more quickly and grab a Bud light. Liam sips from his can of Pepsi.
“So, how was lunch with your siblings?”
“Good, James is going to propose to his girlfriend later next week. Hannah gave me 100 dollars and A new iphone case” I reply.
“Thats cool, what does it look like?” I show him. Its a picture all of my siblings that she had custom made for me.
“So i got some presents for you!” Winks Liam. I raise my eyebrow and say
“Really? you didn’t have to love!”
“Duh I did what kind of boyfriend would I be if i didn’t?”
“A boyfriend who didn’t get me any presents?” He rolls his eyes and I giggle. Liam pulls out a giant bag and hands it to me. For laughs i shake it around a tiny bit.
“Hey don’t do that!”
“Sorry Li-Li.” I say like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I open the bag and Pull out a cute sleeveless crop-top with an animated picture of the boys sitting on a red leather couch and above them, In black print, reads ‘Vas happen?’ I laugh and hug the shirt close to me chest.
“Zayn picked that one out.”
“I thought so judging by the ‘Vas happen’ on the shirt.” The next Item was the same as the first but gray and the front reads ‘ HARRY PLEASE.’
“This one’s from Harry?”
“yeps!” says Liam. The next one is still like the others in white though. It has a cartoon picture of Niall on the front wearing his ‘free hugs’ t-shirt holding his arms out ready for a hug. I knew That this one was from Niall and that there was no point in asking the fourth was still the same as the others but it was yellow in the middle and pink on the out sides. It had all the boys nick name listed in thIck black block letters.
“Is this one from..... Louie?
“Yah it is. I think that you’ll like the next one a lot” Laughs Liam. I pull out the finial shirt. On the it was similar the the one Louie got me but Blue and purple. It reads ‘Hello my name is Mrs.Payne’ I laugh then look at Liam and give him an ‘Aww’
“Liam this is perfect!” he smiles at my compliment and I hug him tightly.
“Thats not all.” whispers Liam into my ear.
“Really?” I say. The shirts were perfect what more could I ask for?
“Yes there's more.” As he says this a necklace slips around my neck. My hands tremble slightly as I lift the chain from my neck. IT Has a Silver chain and the first charm is a red ‘S’ the next is A little cat
“Harry helped me pick out the cat charm.” says Liam shyley. All I can do is nodded. The 3 charm is a red ‘L’. ‘L’ for Liam, ‘L’ for love etc. the fourth charm is a silver Microphone. And the last charm is the ‘1D’ symbol
“Ohh Liam thank you so much I love it. I love all of my presents!” With that i throw my arms around him giving him a big hug and kiss

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