nothings gonna be the same. (Completed ;)~)

18 year old scarlet in working for close family friend Simon Cowell for then next year and a half or so. bord out of her mind she sits humming hand written song to her self. one day in late august one direction comes in to her life for the better, well and one of them for the worse. see how scarlets life keeps changing throught the Movella enjoy!


21. chapter 20


                   Ahh Bruno Mars always makes me feel better. After I told Liam about what had happend to me he was more carfull. He asked me if he could kiss me before he did and did touch me any were but my waist. I knew this was going to happen. He was afraide of bracking me, but really all I wanted was to be close to him. For him to hold me in his arms tightly. Well to day that was all going to change. Because today is my 19th birthday (2/14/12). And i planned on giving him a lecture on how I wasn't a fradgile brooken girl. And that I wanted our intimet relationship back.

             My Twitter page was filled with happy birthdays from my family and school friends from Britian and America. My older sister Hannah and older brother James are taking me out to Breakfast. I pull on a pair of high waiste, layered white lace shorts. My blouse is light and almost see-through. Its light blue and has long sleves that have long holes to show of my tanned sholders. I button it up almost all the way and fix the low coller, tucking my top into my pants. I Give Liam a kiss and huge and say goodbye to the boys. The say bye back on Liam tells me to drive safe.

          Lunch with my stepsister and brother are awsome and we all ways have a good time together. Hannah talk about boys and and cloths. Her and my brother in-law Tommy got married last year And they have a 2 year old daughter. They had sarrah before they were married. James is now 22 years old and is finishing up a 4 year medical school program. he has a girl friend named Rachel and he planeson proposing soon because they have been dating for so long. I kiss them good bye and am Headed home. I turn up the radio a bit and here the words to an old favroite of mine

   ' we didn't care if people staired we'd make out in a crowd some ware, somebodyed tells to get a room Is hard to belive that was me and you, Now we keep saying that we're ok, But i don't wanta settle for good not great, I miss the way that i felt back then, I wanna feel that way again,Been so long that you'd forget the way I used to kiss your neck
[Carrie] Remind me, remind me
So on fire so in love. Way back when we couldn't get enough
[Carrie] Remind me, remind me.....'

I lose my self in the lyrics thinking of me and Liam. I don't realise it but I'm singing the song full forse. My eyes start to brim with tears. This song hits me in the gut making me think back to when my mother was alive. The days Liam looked at me with a hunger in his eyes, before he became to carefull with me. I stop at the last red light before my house and rest my head on the stearing wheel and take a few deep breaths. I turn on my blinker and pull in to a parking space infront Of Harry and Louies up scale flat.

            When the door-man lets me in I knock on the boys door. It opens slowly and a hand grabs me from behind putting a soft hand to my lips. I lick the hand and the man yells

"Ewww Scarlet licked me!" Hisses Louies                                  "Bloody hell. Louis Tomlinson Let me-" he gags my mouth snickering.                                                                                        "Hold on love, Just relaxe every think is going to be ok maybe...."When he say's maybe I freak out on him. I scream but the gag bites it of. I can feel my self falling and landing on something soft. Some thing picks me up softly and I'm put into a car of sorts. Oh God i think, I'm being kidnaped by my boyfriends mates. What in the bloody hell did i do to deserve this? When my blind fold was ripped of and my gag was removed i blinked hard so my eyes could make since of the seen around me. What the-

(A/N: sorry I've had M.E.A.P all week so i haven't been able to post sorry i'll try to post again tonight but it will be short or maybe just tommorow.                         


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