nothings gonna be the same. (Completed ;)~)

18 year old scarlet in working for close family friend Simon Cowell for then next year and a half or so. bord out of her mind she sits humming hand written song to her self. one day in late august one direction comes in to her life for the better, well and one of them for the worse. see how scarlets life keeps changing throught the Movella enjoy!


2. chapter 2

I glance at my self in the washroom mirrior quickley redoing my black eye linner and masscara. i check my teeth then my breath. They bolth look and smell fine. i adjust my flowery patterned hot pance and tuck in my thin black v-neck swetter. I stragiten up to my full 5'7 but in my black stelitoes with peep toes i'm a cool 5'9- 5'9 1/2. And for the last 2 touchs I shake out my wayve brown "slightly longer than sholder length" hair, and apply some cherry red baby lips and rush to the elevatior to begin the slow decent to the main loby. 

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