one love

You are a huge fan of One direction and one day you meet them, harry always has his eyes on you and you always loved him out of them. harry eventally asked u out and you say yes, later on you go through some ruff patches and some makeups and later have your own vacation with im and you and you have the best time of your life with him!


3. this was real!

i woke up in a car i was laying in harrys lap in his arms, all the boys were talking i pretended i was still asleep, they were talking about me for some reason, "wow lad shes a keeper!" niall said they all agreed "harry if you dont want her ill take her" liam said in a cheeky voice i wanted to laugh but that would ruin everything "dont worry liam shes mine!"harry snapped in a joking way minutes passed i opened my eyes and looked up at harry he smiled "babe that girl at the restront was a fake she just said that you know fans..." i cut him off and said "harry i know" and he kissed me when he did my heart skipped a beat "awww" all the boys said me and harry giggled "thank you guys for saving me" i said "no need to thank us" louis said "he was happy he thought he was superman" zayn said while laughing i laughed, the car stopped and we were at there hotelthey got a room with 3 beds and 2 couches "ill sleep on the floor" i said, alll the boys looked at me, "babe you can sleep with me if your okay with it." harry said i smiled "of chores!" omg sleeping with harry styles! "everyone jumped on our bed that was right infront of the tv and yelled "lets whatch a movie!!!" "sure!" me and harry agreed i layed my head on harrys chest and louis layed next to me and niall and zayn on the end of the bed and liam layed by harry harry looked down at me his green eyes were glowing in the dark faintly they looked beautiful "your so pretty" he said i blushed and kissed him he bit my lip slightly (turn on) i smiled and pulled away i layed my head on harrys chest listening to his heart and soon fell asleep with him playing with my hair i had a dream about him too....... later i woke up to harry whispering to me i looked up and he jumped off the bed queitly and he picked my up and brought me with him wherever he was going i looked back at the boys who were still asleep and harry closed the hotel room door and he ran to the pool with me in his arms he was craddeling me like a baby there was a huge fence he climmed first and made to the other side i was nervus but i did and when i got to the top i lost my balance my foot slipped, harry wide eyed he caught me "dont think ill let you go after that" he said cheeky i smiled "so your a bad boy trustpassing huh?" i said flirting with him, he nodded and i smiled when we got to the pool he took my shirt off then his and then i took my pants off and he took his pants off left us in our underhwere he was wearing boxers and i was in a hot pink thong and laced bra that matched!

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