one love

You are a huge fan of One direction and one day you meet them, harry always has his eyes on you and you always loved him out of them. harry eventally asked u out and you say yes, later on you go through some ruff patches and some makeups and later have your own vacation with im and you and you have the best time of your life with him!


4. swimming past curfew

harry put his hands on my cheeks and he kissed me this time was even more romantic then the others because we were half naked and it was dark! he moved his hands down to my waist and harry picked me up and threw me in the pool i came up and he smiled at me then jumped in and while he was under i couldent see anything and i felt someone come inbetween my legs and came out of water i was on harrys shoulders i played with his hair i really loved him! he made me falll off and i fell flat in the water i came up laughing he laughed too! he smiled at me and i jumped on him with my arms around his neck and legs around his waist he smiled at me "i love you brianna!" he said "i love you to harry!"  i said, he picked me up out the water and whispered "shhhh theres a night guy" my face turned from happy to scared my stummic flipped and harry grabbed my arm pulling me and running he jumped over the fence and i jumped onto hi back and he ran to the hotel room he put me down and smiled "oh my god my heart was like racing!" i said out of breath "you okay babe?" he said "ya im fine" i replide we got changed and went to bed in the morning i woke up and everyone was still asleep i walked to the beach and layed in the sand and read a book, 2 boys came up to me one who was very tall and another who was a bit smaller they were about my age maybe older "hey babe what you readying there he said reaching down adn rubbed my thigh i looked at him "DONT TOUCH ME!!!" i yelled "i do what every i want!" the taller one said the smaller one looked behind him and got worried "dude maybe we shoudl go!" he yelled "not intill i teach this girl a lesson! he yelled back and he picked me up and threw me into the sand i landed on my back and did a couple flips down the hill it hurt so bad he knocked the wind out of me and i just layed there and heard someone comming to me i closed my eyes "please dont hurt me! i said i got picked up by niall and he held my head to his chest "brianna are you okay?" he said looking at me frightened "not really but ill be fine" i looked over to where the guys were and harry,louis,zayn, and liam were kicking there asses! harry had knocked the guy out who hurt me and zayn was kicking the other guy in his nutts a million times and harry stepped on the guys nuts and walked over them like 20 times they brought me back to the hotel and put me in a bed with harry i was laying inbetweeen his legs with me head on his chest.....

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