one love

You are a huge fan of One direction and one day you meet them, harry always has his eyes on you and you always loved him out of them. harry eventally asked u out and you say yes, later on you go through some ruff patches and some makeups and later have your own vacation with im and you and you have the best time of your life with him!


2. getting saved by one direction

he smiled at you, you looked into his eyes you can just stare into them for hours he had beautiful eyes! moments passed of you guys talking then u heard the dorr open it was lucy and zayn they were cute! they were laughing they didnt see us so we hid from them then we kissed while we were hiding under the bed he smiled and whispered in my ear "come with me babe' he said and it tickled your ear you did what he asked and he grabbed your arm and pulled you out the door while they were not paying attention he drove you to the beach and you both got out of the car and sat in the sand he looked at you and smiled "your beautiful" he said "and your hot!" you said and laughed a little so did harry "lets take a walk on the beach!" harry said "okay!" youo replide. while you were walking harry kicked the water on you "really?" you said while laughing he smiled "oh so you wanna play that way?" you said cheeky. "try your best!" he said smileing you kicked water on him then he picked you up bridle style and kissed you, you struggled to get out, he didnt let you "harry put me down!" you yelled while laughing "never!" he said and kept going deeper in the water till i was in with him he let go of me and then we talked for a while about his carear and when he is leaving "5 weeks" he said you smiled "ill miss you when you leave you said and layed your head on his shoulder "ill miss you too babe!" he turned to me and said "how about we go out to dinner?" "of chores!" you replied he brought you to your place and you grabbed a suitcase and clothes and makeup and stuff it in your bags he was looking through your underwhere droor "hmm you should bring this one" ( he picked out a sexy lace bra and thong that matched) you blushed and said "whatever you want babe" and put it in your bag he brought you out to dinner and as we sat down this girl walked up to us and said "hey harry its your gf remember me?" she said my face turned form a smile to a frown and i stud up from the table and ran out the door into the heavy rain and thunder storm my makup dripping off i walked into an aly where no one was there exept this one weird guy he walked up to me and hit me in the back of the head with something hard and i fell and got knocked out

harrys P.O.V

i left the table and yelled to that girl "what the fuck i dont even know you!" i said agrly at her she frowned i went into an aly were i heard a scream and i saw a girl lying down and a weird guy i knew i had to find brianna but she needed help so i ran up to him and her and turnes out it was brianna he aimed a guy at brianna and said "back away or i will shoot!" i wanted to refuse but i couldent i couldent let brianna go, so i went to louis, zayn, niall and liam and i told them what happened they looked confused but they helped me make a plan we all went to where i found her and we searched all over.

Briannas P.O.V

i woke up in a strange room tied to a chair and some creepy guys were there and they were asking me weird questions like "what size are your boobs?" and messed up sruff i cryed and waited for someone to help me i screamed and then a guy pointed at my head "if you scream one more time i will shoot you!" he yelled i started freaking out i was so scared and i was shaking and everything! the door opened and there was harry,louis,niall,zayn and liam harry,niall, louis, and zayn punched the guys and beat them up and liam untied me and whispered in my ear "wow your beautiful no wounder harry loves you so much!" i smiled a little i was still shocked from what happened i was scared to get up so liam picked me up bridal style i leaned my haed on his chest becasue i wanted to relax i fell asleep soon from then

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