one love

You are a huge fan of One direction and one day you meet them, harry always has his eyes on you and you always loved him out of them. harry eventally asked u out and you say yes, later on you go through some ruff patches and some makeups and later have your own vacation with im and you and you have the best time of your life with him!


1. being the fan

You woke up knowing today was the consert of one direction you were so happy! you got a text from your friend lucy she texted saying "COME TO THE MALL NOW!!!!!" so you put on your shirt and short shorts and went to the mall you saw luicy in pink with someone who looked very familiar you felt someone behind you grab your waist and hug you, (big turn on) you turned around to see who it was and you saw harry styles! you blushed and he winked at you "hello love" he said with a smile, "h-h-ello" you said

"why the stutter love?" you smiled and blushed "sorry" you replied "no need to be sorry, whats your name?" he asked

"brianna" you said and smiled he handed you his phone with your name already typed in it and you typed in your number. "why dont you come to my place so we can talk?" he said well dah i mean its harry styles! "sure!" you said quick before he had time to change his mind. he smiled and brought you to his car and showed you into his bedroom "ladies first" he said cheeky, you blushed quit blushing you screamed at your self! harry sat on his bed and you guys talked for a while and then harry leaned in and kissed you, you felt him smile and so did you. you guys kissed for more then ten minutes strait harry pulled away "love you already took my breath away literlay!" you said

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