Everybody's Got A Dark Side

What Maisie Kinnlyan never expected was to go to a One Direction concert, let alone ever see her brother. But what happens when she finds out that the world-famous #1 Boy Band is made up of werewolfs? What happenns when one of those werewolfs turns out to be her mate? Read to find out. (I know, im kinda bad at these.)


2. Everybody's Got A Dark Side....(2)

"BRYONY!!! TAMSIN!!!! WE'RE OVER HERE!" Eva screamed, making sure that everyone in Nando's would have their ears ringing, just to let our best friends know that we arrived. Rolling my eyes, and slightly ashamed that everyones eyes were on me and Eva for a stupid reason, I legged it the rest of the way to Bry and Tams.

Bry sent me a cheeky smile and Tams just waved over-excitedly as we approached them.

Picking up a Nandos menu, I flipped it open, carefully reading the words as my dyslexia made it a bit difficult as it looked like alphabet soup, as cliche as that sounds. Groaning I banged my head onto the table infront of me whining about letters.

"Oh, grow up Mais!!!" Tamsin said flicking some of her water at me, jokingly. Playfully glaring at her, I protested saying "But guys! I'm so hungry and I don't know what to get!! It seems like my dyslexia's getting loads worse!". Whining, yet again, I placed my head in my hands completely depressed.

I could practically hear Eva roll her eyes as she says "Maisie. Cut the act, we ALL know you have the entire menu memorized cover to cover!".

"But you lot know that I'm trying to actually read now! Ms. Colling is getting pissed at me because I haven't read anything in the past six months!" I said refering to my English teacher, who has been helping me out after school, three days a week after school with my dyslexia.

None of them had replyed, seeing as I had made a point. "Yeah, thought so!" I said sighing, running a hand through my curled hair.

"So, what did you need to tell me this morning Eva?" I asked my dearest friend. "Well....we thought you should know...." She started, then all at once they screamed, "WERE GOING TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT TONIGHT!!!!" simultaneously, turning more heads our direction, and not in the good way.

"Errmm...Kay Kay?" I said in my usual peppy voice, that to even me, it get's annoyingly high sometimes...

They all looked at me confused and exchanged glances. "Dude, we thought you'd be more depressed...after....you know what happened between you and hi-" Bryony started, but I just cut her off. I don't want to talk about my half-brother. He's an idiot and does'nt deserve my apology, and I most certainly do NOT want to hear his. "I don't care. It's not like were going to go in and see him or anything. It's just a concert and none of those blasted pigeons will know we're there!" I said simply. They all nodded but Tamsin said "What's up with you calling people pigeons? It's kinda weird!" jokingly.

Rolling my eyes, I just shoveled more of the creamy potatoes, then chomping down on my pita bread, and moaning as I let the soup fill my mouth. My friends giggled at my immaturness....is that even a word? Whatever..


Anyone enjoying this?

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