How Laila Met Louis -- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Hi. My name is Laila. I'm 19 and in highschool. One day, my life changed forever. I had an amazing experience that changed my life! It all started when my senior class took a trip to England.


5. Run in with Payne

Laila's POV


When we left the bathroom I came out first and sat down (I made Cora switch seats with me so I could be closer to Henry when he came out) and then he waited sixty seconds and came out after. When he sat down he kissed my temple and me shiver all over again. So when he grabbed my hand and slid his thumb up and down my fore arm, it didn't make the chills leave my body any faster.

"I'm so glad we're back together." he whispered. The chills had gone by then but since he was so close to my ear, his warm breathe made them return, again. I leaned close to him and touched my lips to his earlobe. "Me too," I whispered. "I still can't believe you believed anything Ashley said." I add. He just blushes and turns to face forward.

Seven Hours Later... 

Once we get to England we get off the plane and head to the luggage pick-up. Henry doesn't let go of my hand the entire way there. We talk about all the things we will do together in England and how we plan to spend every waking moment with each other from now on.

While we are walking to the luggage pick-up I bump into someone. When I look up I realize who I just ran into. I stand there with a shocked expression on my face. I just bumped into, Liam. Payne. from. One. Direction. I shut my mouth as fast as possible and bend over to pick up his bag, which fell when I ran into him. "Oh, I'm sooo sorry! Let me get that for you." I say quickly as I'm getting his bag. I stand up and hand him the bag. "My name is Laila." I say as I stick out my hand for him to shake. He grabs my hand (OMG LIAM PAYNE HIS TOUCHING MY HAND!!!!) and shakes it. "I'm Lia-" he begins to say, before I cut him off. "Liam Payne. Yeah, I know. And that's Niall, Harry Louis and Zayn." I add, pointing to each of them as I say their names. "Ah, so you're a directioner?" he says approvingly. I nod, suddenly too stoked to even speak.



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