How Laila Met Louis -- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Hi. My name is Laila. I'm 19 and in highschool. One day, my life changed forever. I had an amazing experience that changed my life! It all started when my senior class took a trip to England.


8. Keep It Simple (Continued)

Laila's POV

I just stare at him. Oh my god! Did that really just happen?! I can't believe that he seriously just asked me that.  "I-I..." I pause. A look of worry appears on his face. "YES!" I say. The worry disappears and relief replaces it. "Really?" he asks. I nod. He brings my hand to his lips and kisses it. "I'm sooo glad you said yes! I didn't think we had known each other long enough to have a confirmed yes so I was so nervous and--" I cut him off by kissing his cheek. I pull away and he looks at me as he begins to blush. He pulls me closer and kisses me gently then with more passion.

Louis' POV

I kiss her first gently then with everything I have. I think I really love Laila. She is so amazing. We break apart and I ask her to stay with me. "Um, I can call my mom and ask her if it's all right If I stay here over night instead of at the hotel with the my classmates." she says. I nod. "That would be amazing." I say. She walks down the hall to call her mom. I go back into the backroom to find all the boys and Cora. Zayn and Cora have begun to make out in the chair they have been sitting in together and all the boys migrated to one couch and are staring at them and giggling like twelve year-olds. "Guys... really?" I ask them. This also makes Cora and Zayn break apart. I look at them and begin to blush. They all look at me and grin. "What happened?!" Thy all say at once. I shrug and walk back out of the room. I close the door to the sound of all of them yelling after to me with suspense and pain to know what happened with me and Laila. She just got off the phone as I close the door. "So, what did she say?" I ask expectantly. "Well," she begins, and I can tell it's a no. I begin to pout. "I can stay!" she shouts, wrapping her arms around me to make me cheer up.  I open the door and we walk in with her arms still wrapped around my middle. The boys look at us. Cora and Zayn are 'busy' again. They begin to cheer and Cora and Zayn turn around to see what all the fuss is about. Then they join them in cheering.

Once Cora and Zayne stop making out, we all head to he hotel. (Cora got permission to stay too) As we arrive at the hotel we all file out of the Hummer Limosine that brought us here.

Laila's POV

As we all pile out of the Limo (We got our rental car picked up by the company) we make our way to the hotel entrance. Louis throws his arm around my shoulders and continues to walk to the entrance. I get tingles all the way down my spine and start to shiver. Louis pulls off the hoodie he is wearing and wraps it around me. He is so sweet and adorable and-- Shit! I suddenly realize that I left Henry at the hotel and now I have agreed to go out with Louis. What am I going to tell him. Cora doesn't even know that we are back together. She fell asleep on the plane ride and walked to the luggage pick-up with her friend from Art Club. I don't know what I'm going to tell Henry.


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